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"I'd miss me, too. I'm fantastic."
— Jesper Fahey about himself, The Unsea

Jesper Fahey is a gang member at the Crow Club. Jesper, Kaz, and Inej take on a job for one million kruge to travel across the Shadow Fold and abduct the Sun Summoner.


Hired by a merchant[]

Ketterdam, the Crow Club. Jesper has a seat at the gambling table where he becomes suspicious when a patron attempts to pay with Zemeni coins after the casino up the block has reported the use of counterfeit coins. He flips the coin in the air and shoots a hole through the coin, confirming his suspicions. Kaz approaches the table, slamming his cane down before reminding Jesper that loud noises startle off the pigeons. He then instructs Jesper to get back on the door.

The Crows search for ways to safely cross the Shadow Fold after getting word of a one million kruge job. Jesper questions why hasn’t anyone ever tried going under. Kaz replies that they have. More than a century ago they attempted to do so, but something heard them digging. The Fold was created hundreds of years ago by a Shadow Summoner known as the Black Heretic. To destroy the Fold, they would require a Sun Summoner, though such a Grisha doesn’t exist. Jesper and Inej contemplate letting the job go, as it's too much of a risk, but Kaz is determined to find a way. The Crows then intercept a letter from Dreesen for the owner of the Orchid saying that they require the services of a Heartrender before midnight.

The Crows secure this job by taking Milana, the Orchid’s Heartrender to Dreesen’s estate, where they demand exclusive rights to the job. Dreesen reluctantly agrees and leads the Crows into his cellar, where he has Alexei Stepanov tied to a chair. Two weeks ago, Alexei crossed through the Fold on an expedition that was swarmed by volcra. But somehow the skiff made it out and the volcra were destroyed by some kind of device. Dreesen would like to know how, but some form of traumatic lapse is preventing Alexei from remembering the ordeal, so Milana eases his heart rate and asks what happened in the Fold. Alexei reveals that they were saved by a Sun Summoner named Alina Starkov. Once he has all that he needs from Alexei, Dreesen kills him and gives Kaz until dawn to prove that they have a way through the Fold and back.[1]

Jesper is approached by Inej, who asks for his help in killing a man, as she has yet to take another person’s life. Just as he agrees to help, Kaz arrives and Inej disappears. Jesper follows Kaz to the Emerald Palace, where he acts as a distraction while Kaz sneaks inside to speak with Poppy. Jesper shoots the club sign, allowing for Kaz to sneak in behind the bouncers and discover the location of "The Conductor," who can assure them safe passage through the Fold.[2]

Crossing the Fold[]

The Crows and the Conductor, real name Arken Visser, arrive in Novokribirsk to meet with Nina Zenik, who was said to be able to help them with entry into the Little Palace. However, they discover that she was captured by Fjerdans. Despite losing their way to the Little Palace, Kaz still intends to travel to Ravka. Arken requires 20 pounds of alabaster coal, a peck of Majdaloun jurda, and a goat. They are to meet at nightfall at the wreckage of a skiff northeast of the edge of town. Despite being tasked with getting the coal, Jesper makes a detour and gambles away the funds.

Kaz, Inej, and Arken await Jesper's arrival on the edge of town near the skiff wreck. Before long, Jesper comes running towards the train with an angry mob chasing after him, but they come to a stop as Jesper runs into a minefield to meet up with the others. Admittedly, he gambled away the money and was forced to steal the coal and only made off with 16 pounds worth. Arken sits each of them down and tells them to remain still and not to shift their weight.

While riding through the Fold, Arken reveals that the tracks are not complete, though he did build slats on the car that roll into place under the wheels and the turbines will generate enough wind to push them to the eastern track as long as they don’t shift their weight. Unfortunately, the noise from the train attracts a nearby volcra nest. Generally, he would outrun the volcra, but since Jesper only acquired 16 of the 20 pounds of required coal, that isn't an option. When Jesper begins to panic, Arken instructs him to grab the goat to calm his nerves. Having gained a bit of composure, Jesper stands to his feet and begins firing at the volcra on the car with remarkable accuracy, buying them enough time to make it out the Fold.[3]

Breaking into the Kribirsk archives[]

Jesper, Kaz, Inej, and Arken stop at a bar in Kribirsk, three days away from the Little Palace. Their next play is finding a way inside. Fortunately, Kaz has discovered that the Kribirsk Archives house the Little Palace blueprints. They’re kept under lock and key though, so they’ll have to break in. Jesper leaves Milo the goat behind with a barmaid while Kaz tasks Arken with finding them a ride to the Little Palace.

Two hours after sunset, Jesper sneaks in as a guard. He turns off the lighting valves. Once the lights go out, Inej sneaks in through the dome on the roof directly above the repository, sliding down using a rope. She follows the trail for phosphorus directly to the blueprints and makes a copy. Unfortunately, the guards turn the valve back on and make their runs through the repository, preventing Inej from leaving the way she got in. Once the coast is clear, Jesper shoots the locking mechanism on the door as the clock tower rings, allowing Inej to escape.

They return to the bar after successfully recovering the blueprints, where Arken manages to fulfill his end of the deal by finding them transportation to the Little Palace. He introduces them to Marko, the leader of the traveling troupe known as the Pomdrakon Players. They have been invited to perform at the winter fete. After his star performer is injured due to Arken’s tampering, Inej and Jesper impress Marko with their acrobatic and shooting skills respectively, guaranteeing them transportation along with Marko’s troupe to the Little Palace.[4]

Abducting Alina[]

Jesper, Inej, and Arken arrive at the Little Palace as part of Marko’s traveling troupe, whereas Kaz sneaks in disguised as a guard. While outside with the other acts, Jesper crosses paths with Alina and reports back to the others. He reveals that she’s half Shu. Kaz then details the door-less fitting room with a Grisha lock that he came across. The locking mechanisms are Fabrikator-designed and can be opened with a lodestone luckily enough, which Arken just so happens to have in his possession. With Arken being the only one of them familiar with the lodestone, he will grab Alina. The rest of them will be setting up a lynx flush. Lynx are pack hunters who are very smart. They’ll clear a path for the prey. In this case, Jesper, Kaz, and Inej, are the lynx who will clear the path.

While plotting their escape route, Jesper is confronted by one of the stable hands that he was previously flirting with. Jesper claims that the Ambassador of Novyi Zem has requested his horses. The two then proceed to have sex in the stables.

Jesper is outside the Palace, waiting with the carriage for Kaz and Inej. To his surprise, Alina exits from a back entrance and hides in the trunk of the very same carriage he had arranged for their escape. Before long, Kaz and Inej reconvene with him in the courtyard and explain that they lost the target, though Jesper smiles, knowing otherwise and telling Kaz to simply ask him about Alina.[5]

The Crows arrive In Ryevost with Alina in the trunk. She exits and they attempt to explain that they can offer her safe passage across the Fold, but Alina would rather travel alone, as she refuses to be anyone else’s captive. When Kaz and Jesper try to escape.

Having wasted enough time searching for Alina, Kaz wonders if they should simply return to Ketterdam. Just then, the alarm in their wagon goes off and the Crows flee in different directions, agreeing to meet up afterward. Jesper battles Ivan in a laundry mat. With Grisha kefta supposedly being bulletproof, Jesper shoots Ivan in the chest three times in the exact same spot, piercing the kefta and injuring Ivan. However, Jesper decides to spare him rather than finishing him off after noticing a child watching nearby. Jesper meets back up with Kaz and Inej and steals the Darkling's carriage.[6]

The journey back to Ketterdam[]

Between their dwindling funds, lack of time, and conflicting interests, Kaz decides it's best to cut their losses and return to Ketterdam. Jesper watches disgustingly as Inej stitches up her wound. She learned at the Menagerie, which under no circumstances will she go back to, though she would have to should they return to Ketterdam empty-handed. Jesper contemplated telling Inej to trust Kaz and that he’d never allow her to go back, but he realizes that he doesn’t have the right to tell her what she should do with her shot at freedom.

The three of them return to the site of Arken’s train, but it has been discovered by local soldiers. Kaz believes he can steer the train, but Jesper and Inej remind him that Arken’s system was complicated and the ride was chaotic. All of a sudden, the train explodes from an alarm rigged by Arken, forcing the Crows to devise a new plan to sneak onto the skiff which is scheduled to cross the Fold tomorrow. They ambush a Dignitary from the winter fete and his guards, stealing their clothes and their transport papers to board the skiff unnoticed. "No mourners," Kaz says. "No funerals," Inej replies.[7]

The Crows retreat below deck and assess their options. Kaz decides to wait for whatever it is that General Kirigan has planned, and though he may not have figured out the Darkling’s exact plan, Kaz is certain he intends to attack Novokribirsk, as the look on the General's face is that of someone consumed with revenge. Jesper remarks that Kaz often bears a similar look. Inej then discovers Mal hiding below deck as well. When Mal reveals that he intends to kill the General and save Alina, Kaz orders Inej to return Mal’s gun.

After General Kirigan expands the Fold and consumes the borders of Novokribirsk, Inej and Mal head up top to stop the Darkling. Jesper and Kaz follow suit, shooting at the Darkling and his men. They just narrowly avoid being cut in half by the Darkling. Inej then throws a knife in the Darkling's chest, but Inej’s blade does little harm, only angering the Darkling, who in retaliation, consumes their end of the ship in darkness, making them vulnerable to the volcra. Alina then gains full control of her abilities, and Mal tackles General Kirigan overboard as she calls on the light. As the Darkling is being ripped apart by the volcra of his own making, Jesper shoots Ivan overboard after he attacks Alina. and Mal returns to the ship, and Alina awakens in his grasps before sending lights throughout the Fold.

They gather in a clearing after escaping the Fold, where Alina pays Kaz off with royal jewelry in exchange for his silence about her location. The Crows then board a ship headed for Ketterdam, where Kaz plots their next move considering both Dreesen and Pekka Rollins will be after their heads when they return. Just like with how their first plan started, they’ll need a Heartrender.[8]

Personality and traits[]

Similar to his Six of Crows Duology counter-part, Jesper is impulsive and reckless. Most notably, he is a degenerate gambler with a compulsion to play the cards, even at the risk of a high valued mission.

Physical description[]

Jesper is a young teen with brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair. His hair is often tousled.

Skills and abilities[]

Jesper is an expert sharpshooter with a set of pearl-handled revolvers. He was able to shoot a hole through a single coin with barely a glance, as well as fend off volcra on a moving train.



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In episode 5, Show Me Who You Are, Jesper has a fling with a stable hand called Dima, whom he had described as 'fairly attractive' to Inej Ghafa.


Season 1[]


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  • He is probably a Fabrikator like his book counterpart since he seems to repairs Kaz's cane to like-new condition after it is broken in a fight.


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