The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

"The city is winning so far. But you’ll see who wins in the end."
— Jordie, Six of Crows

Jordan "Jordie" Rietveld was the older brother of Kaz Brekker. Jordie grew up on a farm in southern Kerch with his father and younger brother.


The two siblings moved to Ketterdam after their father died in a plowing accident. Hoping to one day become a successful merchant, Jordie searched for jobs in Ketterdam's financial district, eventually finding work as a runner for Jakob Hertzoon, a man who claimed to be a small-time merchant. After being led into a false business venture, Jordie was conned out of all the remaining money from the sale of his family's farm, which left the brothers living in poverty on the streets. Not long after that, they contracted the deadly plague going around Ketterdam. Jordie succumbed to the disease, but Kaz survived.

Personality and traits[]

Jordie's most notable flaw was a dangerous blend of ambition and arrogance. After Kaz asked why he did not plan to go to school with him in Ketterdam, Jordie explained that he was "too old and too smart" for it. This hubris was evident later when Jordie was quick to invest their money in what turned out to be scams.

Despite his failings elsewhere, Jordie is remembered in Kaz's mind as being a wonderful older brother. He is shown to be kind and caring towards Kaz by entertaining him around the city, buying nice food and gifts, and constantly reassuring him they would be alright when things went wrong.

Physical description[]

Jordie looked very similar to his brother, both of them having lean builds, dark hair, and brown eyes.[1]




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