Jurda is a plant grown in Novyi Zem whose dried blossoms are chewed and used as a stimulant all over the world. The flowers are orange, and stain the fingers and teeth of those that use it.

Jurda ParemEdit

Jurda parem is a drug made by Bo Yul-Bayur that uses jurda as the main ingredient. It is made into powder form, tastes sweeter than the ordinary stimulant, and is lethal to non-Grisha. To a Grisha, the drug modifies their power by changing their perception of the world. Jurda parem is extremely addictive to Grisha, and slowly weakens the body of the user.

Although there are no current antidotes for parem, Jesper believes that the antidote could be found in the stem of jurda plant, which has a balm that can be used as a depressant.

Effect on GrishaEdit

Grisha Type New Power
Healer Enhanced Healing - able to heal another person without contact and trace of injury. Also, slight mind control.
Tidemaker Matter State Manipulation - can change the state of matter of their surroundings and themselves.
Squaller Flight
Durast Periodic Element Manipulation - can change an element to a new one (or near identical version) like lead into gold.
Heartrender Mind Control. Further control of heartrending powers.