The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Jurda is a plant with orange flowers mainly grown in Novyi Zem. It is the main ingredient of the drug Jurda Parem.


The dried blossoms of the Jurda plant are used as a stimulant all over the world. The main producer of Jurda is the town of Cofton.

Chewing the flowers stains the fingers and teeth with a rust color. In Ravka, it is considered a luxury. A Zemeni custom involves spitting the juice into brass spittoons.

Brands of Jurda include Brightleaf, Shade, Dhoka and the Burly.


Siege and Storm[]

Alina gets a temporary job packing dried Jurda in a fieldhouse in Cofton while on the run from The Darkling.


  • Jurda has real life parallels to coffee beans and coca leaves, although many of its properties are more similar to the Southeast Asian ketum or kratom plant, which is often chewed or powdered into tea for its stimulant properties.