The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Juris, also known as Sankt Juris of the Sword, was a mentor to Zoya Nazyalensky. In the Ravkan fairytales, he was known as the warrior who defeated a dragon after three tries.


Juris tried to kill a dragon three times; the third time he went to kill it he dealt it a mortal blow, "but when the dragon fell [he] knew nothing but regret".

He states "The dragon was the first true challenge I ever faced as a warrior, the only creature able to meet me as an equal in the field. I could not help but respect him. As he sank his jaws into me, I knew he felt just as I did. The dragon and I were the same, connected at the heart of creation, born of the elements and unlike any other."

They bonded and shared memories, living a thousand lives together.

King of Scars[]

Juris becomes a mentor to Zoya Nazyalensky and, whilst on the brink of death bonds with her as he and the dragon did, thus giving her control over fire, the power of flight (previously only obtained by Grisha under the influence of jurda parem) and other Grisha abilities.

Rule of Wolves[]

While no longer present in body, Juris' consciousness and knowledge, along with the dragon are still alive within Zoya. They help her along her journey. Zoya hears his voice and his laugh in her head and is able to access Juris' knowledge of languages and people he knew from the past.

Personality and traits[]


Powers and abilities[]

Juris has the ability to switch forms between dragon to man at will, however, he says: "I am both human and dragon always". Juris is a very powerful Grisha possessing the powers of a Squaller, an Inferni, and a Tidemaker. He claims his powers as a Tidemaker are his weakest.



  • Juris is the Latvian form of the name George, which may serve as a reference to Saint George, who defeated the dragon. Also similar is the Dutch version of Saint George's name - Sint Joris - which is the name used in Flanders and The Netherlands.