Kaz Brekker is a gang member and leader of the Crows. He leads Inej and Jesper across the Shadow Fold in hopes of capturing the legendary Sun Summoner for a big payout.


Employed by a Wealthy Merchant

After reprimanding Jesper at the casino table for firing his gun, Kaz learns from Rotti that someone has reportedly stolen a DeKappel from a merch's private residence last night. As it turns out, Kaz is in fact the culprit. He returns to his office, where Inej has come with a lead on a job with a big payout, a million kruge worth. A wealthy merchant by the name of Dreesen is looking for a crew willing to cross the Fold into east Ravka and bring back something. He hasn't specified what exactly he needs, but he's taking meetings tonight. Dressen also had someone brought in on a ship with a sack on his head. However, with Dreesen's private security, she wasn't able to get inside his residence. However, a Zemeni man by the name of Tendo is among the security guards. Inej has another lead from one of the girls at the Menagerie. They tell her things in hopes Kaz will buy them out, similar to Inej. There's one girl in particular named Kesh who has skills like Inej, but Kaz remarks that he only invests in the one of a kind and that no one is like Inej.

The Crows search for ways to safely cross the Fold. Jesper questions why hasn't anyone tried going under. Kaz replies that they have. More than a century ago they attempted to do so, but something heard them digging. The Fold was created centuries ago by a Shadow Summoner known as the Black Heretic. They would need a Sun Summoner to destroy the Fold. However, such a Grisha doesn't exist. Jesper and Inej contemplate letting the job go, but Kaz is insistent. The Crows then intercept a letter from Dreesen for the owner of the Orchid saying that they require the services of a Heartrender before midnight. This is how they intend to secure the job.

Kaz, Jesper, and Inej have taken Milana, the Orchid's Heartrender. Kaz informs Milana that after this job she should make herself scarce for a few days, as Pekka Rollins will be after her. They arrive at Dreesen's estate and demand exclusive rights to the job. Should Dreesen refuse, Kaz threatens to report him to the guild for kidnapping and harboring a prisoner without chain of title. That said, Dreesen concedes.

Dreesen leads the Crows into his cellar, where he has Alexei bound to a chair. Two weeks ago, Alexei crossed through the Fold on foot. Allegedly, he was one of few witnesses to an event. An expedition was swarmed by volcra, but somehow the skiff made it out and Dreesen is interested in knowing what it was that lit up the Fold. Some form of traumatic lapse is preventing Alexei from remembering the ordeal, which is where Milana comes in. She eases his heart rate and asks what happened in the Fold. Alexei claims that they were saved by a Sun Summoner named Alina Starkov. Once he has all that he needs from Alexei, Dreesen shoots him in the head. Dreesen's ships sails for West Ravka at dawn. The Crows have until then to prove that they have a way through the Fold and back. Should they fail, Pekka Rollins will be given the deal.[1]

Finding the Conductor

Inez weighs the risk of crossing the Fold unprepared. They only have until sunrise to devise a plan for safe passage, which concerns Inej. Although, Kaz is determined to accept the job. Inej reminds Kaz that she can't leave Ketterdam due to her contract with the Menagerie. Kaz insists that she will join them and that he has a plan, however, Inej can tell that he's scrambling and worries that he won't come up with a sufficient plan in time. She pulls up her sleeve, showing him her tattoo from the Menagerie. She asks what's to happen of her should he find safe passage across the Fold. Kaz exclaims that maybe they leave Inez behind, which he immediately regrets and attempts to apologize but Inez has disappeared by the time he rounds the corner.

Kaz is attacked by Pekka Rollins and the Dime Lions. He attempts to fend them off but is outnumbered. Rollins informs Kaz that the Orchid now belongs to the Dime Lions and that he stole from him when he took his Heartrender. Rollins makes Kaz a deal: Kaz will walk away from the job and Rollins will take over for him or he can simply kill Kaz — cave his head in with his own cane and dump him in the harbor. Kaz looks up to Rollins and asks if they've ever made a deal before. Rollins doesn't recognize him and says that if they had crossed paths before then Kaz would know better or he'd be dead.

Kaz brings a woman to his office that he suspects of cheating the club out of money. She's been at the club every night for a week. She keeps track of what's played, and so now he'll have to add an extra deck to her table to balance the game. He then hands her a stack of kruge and asks her to count it. She claims that she's from Os Kervo, but the manner in which she counts her money would suggest she's from the east. The lady admits that her daughter is Grisha and that they fled so as not to be forced to fight in the war. Kaz isn't interested in reporting her. He only desires to know how she and her daughter crossed the Fold unscathed. The man who helped them goes by the name "the Conductor," and he took them across in some sort of special transport. Once they got to Ketterdam, he left them with a stage performer named Poppy who took them in for a few nights.

Jesper acts as a distraction outside the Emerald Palace while Kaz sneaks inside to speak with Poppy. He shoots the club sign, allowing for Kaz to sneak in behind the bouncers. Kaz questions Poppy about the Conductor. Poppy reveals that much like Kaz, Tante Heleen inquired about the Conductor as well. So, Poppy warned the Conductor to steer clear of Heleen. However, in doing so, Poppy inadvertently led her to the Conductor. Kaz then demands to know where to find the Conductor, certain that Tante Heleen means to harm him so that Kaz can't pay off Inej's contract.

Kaz arrives at the Conductor's address just as Inej is about to take his life. Kaz tells her to stop, revealing that her target is actually the only person capable of helping them cross the Fold and that Heleen tricked Inej into sabotaging their mission. Should they manage to pull this job off, Kaz assures Inej that she will be free of the Menagerie and then instructs the Conductor to get them to the Little Palace. Later that evening, Kaz pays Tante Helene a visit. He tells her that he's taking Inej with him across the Fold and gives the Crow Club as collateral.[2]

Crossing into the Shadow Fold

Kaz, Jesper, Inez, and the Conductor, real name Arken Visser, travel to Novokribirsk, to meet with Nina Zenik, who will help them with entry into the Little Palace. However, by the time they arrive at Nina's boarding house, they discover that she's been captured by Fjerdans. Having lost their way to the Little Palace, Kaz is still intent on traveling across the Fold. Arken requires 20 pounds of alabaster coal, a peck of Majdaloun jurda, and a goat. They are to meet at nightfall at the wreckage of a skiff northeast of the edge of town.

After having retrieved the goat, Kaz notices Arken meeting up with General Zlatan, who is determined to separate from Ravka and form his own country. On his way back, he spots Inej at the memorial wall checking for the names of her parents and brother. She thought that if she saw their names then she could let them go. Inej's Sankta Lizabeta necklace is all that she had when she was sold to the Menagerie, and if it was worth anything, Heleen would've taken it. For Inej, it's a simple token of faith that her mother stitched. Kaz warns Inej that hope is dangerous and clouds her judgment.

Kaz and Inej convene with Arken on the edge of town near the skiff wreck but Jesper is nowhere to be found. Arken takes them through a minefield to his mode of transportation — a train hidden within the Fold. Jesper comes running in their direction with an angry mob chasing after him, but they come to a stop as Jesper runs into the field to meet up with the others. Admittedly, he gambled away the money and was forced to steal the coal, though he only made off with 16 pounds worth. Arken sits each of them down and tells them to remain still and not to shift their weight. On his arm, Inej notices at least ten scratch marks, each one indicating a successful cross through the Fold.

Arken reveals that the tracks are not complete, though he's built slats on the car that rolled into place under the wheels and the turbines generate enough wind to push them to the eastern track as long as they don't shift their weight. Unfortunately, the noise from the train seemingly attracts nearby volcra. Generally, he would outrun the volcra, but with Jesper only acquiring 16 of the 20 pounds of required coal, that won't be possible. Jesper begins to panic and Arken instructs him to grab the goat — not to be used as bait rather to calm Jesper. Having gained a bit of composure, Jesper stands to his feet and begins firing at the volcra on the car with remarkable accuracy, buying them enough time to make it out the Fold.[3]

Breaking into the Archives of Kribirsk

Kaz, Jesper, Inej, and Arken grab drinks in a bar in Kribirsk. Three days away from the Little Palace, the next play is finding a way inside. Fortunately, the Kribirsk archives house the Little Palace blueprints, but they're kept under lock and key, so they'll have to break in. Kaz leaves Arken at the bar and tasks him with finding them a ride to the Little Palace.

Kaz enters the Archives disguised as a renowned sculptor, claiming that he's working on a piece for the Winter Fete and that he needed the dimensions for the Little Palace entrances. The man at the front desk goes to pull the blueprints, during which time Kaz slides a pad coated in phosphorus under the man's shoe, leaving an invisible trail to the repository.

That night, after Inej successfully retrieves the blueprints, the Crows return to the bar, where Arken manages to fulfill his end of the deal by finding them transportation to the Little Palace. He introduces them to Marko, the leader of the traveling troupe known as the Pomdrakon Players, who have been invited to perform at the Winter Fete. After his star performer is injured due to Arken's tampering, Inej and Jesper impress Marko with their acrobatic and shooting skills respectively, guaranteeing them transportation along with Marko's troupe to the Little Palace.[4]

Kidnapping the Sun Summoner

Jesper, Inej, and Arken arrive at the Little Palace as part of Marko's traveling troupe, whereas Kaz sneaks in disguised as a guard. Kaz walks the route Alina will take from the ballroom to the dinner event to look for an ambush point. He discovers a hidden door to a fitting room that only Grisha can enter and decides that is where they will grab her.

Kaz tells Jesper, Inez, and Arken about the door-less fitting with a Grisha lock. Fortunately, the locking mechanisms are Fabrikator-designed and can be opened with a lodestone, which Arken just so happens to have in his possession. Given that Arken is the only one of them familiar with the lodestone, Kaz declares that Arken will grab Alina. The rest of them will be setting up a "lynx flush." Lynx are pack hunters who are very smart. They'll clear a path for the prey. In this case, Kaz, Jesper, and Inej are the lynx who will clear the path.

Kaz and Inej enter the ballroom and witness as Alina invokes her sun summoning abilities, bringing light to the entire room, much to Inej's amazement. After Arken is captured by guards, Kaz reveals that the lynx flush was to smoke out Arken as punishment for conspiring with Zlatan in Novokribirsk to kill Alina rather than capture her. Kaz and Inej attempt to escort Alina out, but the Darkling intervenes and escorts her himself. Kaz and Inez then split up after noticing that they're being trailed by an Inferni.

Kaz is followed into the chapel by the Inferni soldier, who compares Kaz to a wounded spider. Kaz sneaks up behind the Inferni and crushes his hand with a stanchion to prevent him from summoning. When Kaz turns his back, the Inferni regains his footing and summons fire for which Kaz is defenseless against. Inej comes to his aid and kills the Inferni, lodging a single knife in the back of his head, her first ever kill, an act that takes a lot from her. And with more guards approaching, she is forced to leave her blade behind.

Kaz and Inej regroup with Jesper and inform him that they lost track of the Sun Summoner, but he gleefully reveals that he has her trapped in the back of their trunk.[5]

The Crows arrive in Ryevost with Alina in the trunk. When she exits, they explain that they can provide safe passage through the Fold, but Alina would rather travel alone, refusing to be anyone else's captive. When they refuse to step aside, she blinds Kaz and Jesper, though Inej having a great deal of respect for the Sun Summoner, allows for her to flee.

Kaz questions why Inej allowed for the target to get away. Inej explains that they were hired to pick up a fake, not abduct a living Saint who came to summon the sun instead. However, Kaz isn't convinced that she is an actual Sun Summoner. He warns Inej that they can't work effectively as a crew if she's making decisions based on religious zeal. Kaz then reveals that if they don't return with Alina then Heleen will get the Crow Club.

Having wasted enough time searching for Alina, Kaz has decided to return to Ketterdam. Just then, the alarm in their wagon goes off and Kaz, Jesper, and Inej flee in different directions. Kaz comes face to face with the Darkling, who accuses him of kidnapping Alina. However, Kaz reveals that she fled on her own and that he doesn't know where she's at. In a fit of rage, the Darkling unleashes the Cut, but Kaz deploys a smoke bomb and narrowly evades a killing blow, though his cane is cut in half in the process. The Crows reconvene and steal the Darkling's carriage.[6]

The Road Back to Ketterdam

Between their dwindling funds, lack of time, and conflicting interests, Kaz decides it's best to cut their losses and return to Ketterdam.

Inej joins Kaz by the fire with his cane and reveals that she's leaving. He admits that she was right about the Sun Summoner being real, though to him she's merely another Grisha who just so happens to summon the sun, not a Saint. If not Saints then what does Kaz believe in, Inej asks. He replies that he believes in himself and his crows, including her and Jesper. Crows don't just remember the face of the people who wronged them. They also remember those who are kind. No Saint has ever watched over Kaz, not like Inez has, he admits. When Inej says that she can't go back to the Menagerie, he assures her that she won't.

Kaz, Jesper, and Inej return to the site of Arken's train, but it has been discovered by a couple of soldiers. Arken's system was complicated and the ride was chaotic, but Kaz believes he can steer the train. Suddenly, the train explodes from an alarm Arken installed. So, the Crows devise a new plan to sneak onto the skiff which is scheduled to cross the Fold tomorrow. They ambush a Dignitary from the Winter Fete and his guards before stealing their clothes and their transport papers to board the skiff. "No mourners," Kaz says. "No funerals," Inej replies as they board the skiff.[7]

The Crows retreat under a deck, where they assess their options. Kaz wants to wait for whatever it is that the General has planned, and though he may not have figured out the Darkling's plan, Kaz is certain he intends to attack Novokribirsk, as the look on the General's face is that of someone consumed with revenge. Inej then discovers Mal hidden below the deck as well. When Mal reveals that he's aboard to kill the General and save Alina, Kaz orders Inej to return Mal's gun, as he'll be joining them.

When General Kirigan expands the Fold and consumes a small portion of Novokribirsk, Inej and Mal make their move and head up top to stop the Darkling. Mal charged for the Darkling while Inej engaged in combat with one of the Heartrenders, who slowed her heartbeat until Zoya intervened, saving Inej, who then proceeded to throw one of her knives into the chest of the Darkling after Jesper and Kaz narrowly avoided being cut in half by the Cut. However, Inej's blade does little harm, only angering the Darkling, who then proceeds to engulf their end of the ship in darkness, making them vulnerable to the volcra. While Kaz and Inej fend off the volcra, Alina grabs Inej's knife and stabs General Kirigan, removing the Stag's bone embedded in his hand, granting Alina full control of her abilities. As she calls on the light, and Mal tackles General Kirigan overboard, where he is ripped apart by the volcra. Alina then awakens and sends lights throughout the Fold, allowing for them to escape.

The Crows, Alina, Mal, and Zoya gather in a clearing after escaping the Fold. Inej offers her hand to Alina. Alina replies that she likes that hand with a dagger in it and gifts Inej with a new knife. She then pays Kaz off with royal jewelry in exchange for his silence about her destination.

Inej recalls Kaz berating her for letting Alina go, and now he's doing just that. She questions why. Kaz replies that he's keeping his promise to Inej. He swore that she wouldn't go back to the Menagerie, and one of the gemstones will cover her debt. Inej contemplates joining Alina, but Kaz says that he needs her. Inej agrees to return to Ketterdam only to see the look on Helen's face when they pay her debt in full. She's not sure what will follow after.

Kaz, Jesper, and Inej board a ship headed for Ketterdam. Kaz is plotting their next move as both Dreesen and Pekka Rollins will be after their heads when they return. Just like with how their previous plan started, they'll need a Heartrender.[8]


Kaz is cold-hearted and shows very little compassion or empathy. There's nothing more important to him than revenge and money. His willingness to take on any job no matter the task is what earned him the nickname "Dirtyhands."


Kaz is a young, pale teen with black hair and blue eyes. He walks with a limp and carries a cane with a metal crow's head.


Despite his limp, Kaz has displayed exceptional quickness for someone with his condition and moderate fighting skills, though his most notable skill is his ability to plan and maneuver under intense pressure.



Memorable quotes

  • "No loud noises at the table, Jesper. You'll scare off the pigeons"
  • "Who can hear a whisper here?"
  • "I only invest in the one of the kind. She isn't like you. No one is."
  • "Jes?..."
  • "Unlike a spider, I only need one good leg. However, you... look like you need both hands."



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