The Grishaverse

Keeg is a member of the Dregs. He is a bruiser for the gang and loyal to Kaz Brekker rather than Per Haskell.


Six of Crows[]

Keeg is one of the Dregs who gather at the eastern entrance to the Exchange while Kaz parleys with Geels, a lieutenant from the Black Tips.[1]

Crooked Kingdom[]

Like the other kids Kaz brought into the gang, Keeg disapproves of Per Haskell and the Dregs betraying Kaz in favor of the reward from Pekka Rollins and Jan Van Eck. When the Dregs beat up Kaz on the stairs, Keeg and Anika yell at them to stop.[2]

On the day of Kuwei Yul-Bo's auction, Keeg and Anika, disguised as deputized members of the Dime Lions on Kaz's orders, kidnap Wylan Van Eck and take him to one of the chapels in the Church of Barter.[3] Keeg beats him with brass knuckles until Wylan tells Jan Van Eck part of Kaz's scheme for the auction.[4]

Physical description[]

Keeg is a stout boy who wears plaid and suspenders.[4] He bears the Dregs' crow-and-cup tattoo.



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