A kefta is a garment that is worn by Grisha in the Ravkan Second Army. The color of a Grisha's kefta is determined by their Grisha order, and the color of the embroidery on the cuffs and hems signifies the wearer’s specific abilities, or their Grisha type within the order.

Kefta are described as long, nearly-floor-length robes that are said to somewhat resemble coats. The garment consists of several panels of fabric and is secured with hidden buttons on the wearer’s front. Due to the Grisha’s desire to emulate ordinary citizens under the Darkling’s leadership, a kefta is worn over a set of peasant-like attire: a long white shirt, tied with a sash, and breeches made of Materialki corecloth.

It is currently unknown whether the design of the kefta or the clothing worn underneath has changed under the leadership of the Grisha Triumvirate.

Although kefta can be made with various materials, Grisha in the Little Palace primarily dress in silk kefta in summer and wool kefta during the winter. Kefta worn in combat are made with Materialki corecloth to withstand bullets. Typically, black leather boots are worn by Grisha in the winter and during combat, and silk slippers are worn with the silk kefta in summer.

Because kefta are worn by Ravkan Grisha in many settings, including combat, formal gatherings, and day-to-day life, the garment is a prominent characteristic used to identify Grisha in many countries. As a result, some Grisha in nations like Kerch will wear kefta, largely for ornamental purposes and usually of much poorer quality than those made in the Little Palace, to indicate their powers.

Kefta Colors

Embroidery Colors

Corporalki (red kefta)

  • Black – Heartrenders
  • Gray – Healers
  • Blue – Tailors; Tailoring is a skill that can be developed in all Corporalki, but only Genya Safin and her regiment of Tailors wear this color combination.

Etherealki (blue kefta)

Materialki (purple kefta)

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