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Kerch is a small island nation located in the True Sea.[1] It is bordered to the east by Shu Han, which it is connected to via land bridges.


The hub of all international trade, Kerch relies on sea transport and its own neutrality in world affairs to maintain its position in the global economy. It is protected by a strong navy.

Kerch is also home to a teeming criminal underworld centered in the capital city of Ketterdam. Although slavery is illegal in Kerch, Grisha and others are often bound to wealthy merchants as indentures under terms that sometimes amount to slavery.


Kerch is an island nation comprised of one large island, three smaller islands, and many additional islands. It is connected to Shu Han via a land bridge, but the Council of Tides keeps the bridge submerged in water, preventing land travel between the two countries.

Southern Kerch is a rolling countryside with many farms.[2] Waterways connect rural locations in the south to Ketterdam.[2][3] The city of Belendt is located on the shores of the Droombeld River.[3]

Many small islands lie off the coast of Ketterdam, including Imperjum, home to the city's shipyards,[4] and Newfoort. There are several smaller islands near Imperjum, such as Terrenjel, where the prison Hellgate is located,[4] and Eil Komedie. Further from the mainland is Vellgeluk, a tiny island and one of the preferred meeting places of thieves and smugglers.[5]


  • Ketterdam - the capital city.
  • Belendt - second oldest city in Kerch.
  • Girecht - a city famous for its barley beer and beer, where Sankt Emerens was martyred.
  • Lij - a town in southern Kerch.
  • Zierfoort - a port city in south Kerch.
  • Olendaal - a location south of Ketterdam.
  • Rentveer - a fortified military base on the coast.


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The Kerch nation is represented by three flying fish, which are printed on Kerch money,[6] incorporated into architecture,[7] and used in the Kerch flag.[8] The national color is purple.


Kerch religion centers on Ghezen, the god of industry and commerce.[4] It is said that nothing is sacred to the Kerch except trade.[9]


Kerch has no royalty. It is governed by the Merchant Council, a group of merchants representing the oldest and wealthiest families in the country.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Kerch was inspired by the Dutch Republic of the 18th century, with some influence from New York (New Amsterdam), Las Vegas, and Victorian London.[10]


  • Kerch shares the same name as a city and strait in Crimea.[11]