Kerch is the language commonly used by the inhabitants of Kerch.

Known Words

Note: a ★ represents Dutch derivation.

Goedmedbridge - Good Maiden’s Bridge, a bridge in Ketterdam ★ (goed=good, meid=maiden, bridge=bridge)

Ja - Yes

Enjent - Industry

Voorhent - Integrity

Almhent - Prosperity (maybe like alms?)

stadwatch - city watch (from stadswacht)

gondel(s) - gondola(s)

Ghezen - Kerch god of commerce, trade, and the market

Ridderspel - a gambling arcade game ★ (the knight game)

Spijker - a gambling arcade game

Hotspot - a type of Kerch cooking (hutspot in Dutch)

Goed - good

Morgen - morning

fentomen - ghosts, phantoms

vaarwell - farewell, goodbye

Jer ven - you are ★ (je bent)

azel - an ass ★ (ezel, literally a donkey)

kruge - Kerch currency ★ (from Middle Dutch kroech=crook; very revealing)

DeKappel - a particular (presumably famous) painter

kruge - the currency in Kerch

wuftsalts - smelling salts


Kerch is extremely influenced by Dutch as far in the Grishaverse.

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