The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Kerch is the language commonly used by the inhabitants of Kerch.

Known Words

A ★ indicates the Kerch word comes directly (unchanged) from Dutch.

Kerch word English translation Possible language inspiration
ja yes
enjent industry
voorhent integrity
almhent prosperity alms (English)
stadwatch city watch stadswacht
gondel(s) gondola(s)
Ghezen (Kerch god of commerce, trade, and the market)
onkle uncle onkel (German), nonkel (Flemish Dutch)
tante aunt
ridderspel (a gambling arcade game) "the knight game"
spijker (a gambling arcade game) ★ "nail"
hutspot (a type of Kerch cooking)
goed good
morgen morning
fentomen ghosts, phantoms fantomen
vaarwell farewell, goodbye vaarwel
jer ven you are je bent
azel (an) ass ezel, "donkey"
kruge (Kerch currency) kroech, "crook" (Middle Dutch)
DeKappel (a particular, presumably famous painter)
med maiden meid
Goedmedbridge (a bridge in Ketterdam) "Good Maiden's Bridge"
verloren lost
verrhader traitor verrader
wuftsalts smelling salts wuft (Dutch synonym for Luchtig, Licht - eng: Airy, Light) + salt (English)


The Kerch writing system is an abugida with characters that fit together fairly closely.[1] This means that vowels are attached to consonants to form letters, which are then used to form words.


Kerch Script.png


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The vocabulary of Kerch in the books is heavily influenced by Dutch.

David J. Peterson created the writing system for Kerch used in Netflix's Shadow and Bone, but there is no Kerch language in the show (yet).