The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Khergud soldiers are metallic winged soldiers created by the Shu to capture Grisha. Crafted by Fabrikators dosed with jurda parem, Khergud are constructed from the bodies of those who have died. They have ruthenium transplants, and their bones are likely hollowed out in order to lessen their body weight. They are first introduced in Crooked Kingdom.



Khergud use their sense of smell to track Grisha, but can be deterred if a stronger scent is present. In Crooked Kingdom, Jesper and Nina apply coffee extract to themselves to mask their scent and prevent the Khergud from locating them. When Jesper encounters a Khergud in the cathedral Ghezen's hand, it repetitively inhales, as if breathing in his scent.


They are stronger than the average human, likely due to their metal implants. They also seem to have brass knuckles implanted into their hands.


They use large metallic wings to fly, with flight resembling that of a hummingbird.


Khergud have a certain amount of intelligence and are capable of speech and speech recognition, as shown through a Khergud soldier's interactions with Jesper in the cathedral.


Although known as Kherguud in Crooked Kingdom, their name is changed to Khergud in King of Scars, dropping the second "u".