The Grishaverse

Kima was the beautiful and kind older sister of Ayama.


Kima was born to a poor family during a summer drought, which she ended by bringing rain and growth with her song as a baby. A year later, Ayama was born; though their parents treated Ayama as a servant due to her ugliness and lack of talent, Kima tries to share with her.

When the king asks for a messenger to forge a truce with the beast terrorizing the lands, Ma Zil suggests Ayama. Kima is afraid for Ayama's life, but Ayama is sent to the thorn wood. Ayama returns, meets with the king, and Kima greets her happily.

After Ayama's second visit to the thorn wood, the King asks her to return again and kill the beast. Kima encourages her sister not to go, pointing out their family's new wealth and not wanting Ayama to risk her life. However, Ayama goes anyway, after securing the king's promise to have Kima marry the prince.

Ayama reveals the king's treachery and marries the beast; Kima marries the human prince. Since they both dislike politics, Kima and her husband leave the rule of the kingdom to Ayama and the beast.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Kima is kind and loving. She shares gifts with the shunned Ayama and protests her probable death.

At the will of her parents, Kima spends her time preparing to become a rich man's bride.[1]

Physical description[]

Kima is tall and lithe, with smooth brown skin. She moves with light grace and wears her hair unbound, in a thick halo of black curls. Her voice is "gentle and calming as rain."[1]