The Grishaverse

The Komedie Brute is a Kerch group that puts on performances with widely-known characters who are often exaggerated caricatures. Many of the plays break the fourth wall, with traditions of the audience saying or doing something in response to the appearance of characters on stage. One of the most popular and well-known characters is Mister Crimson.

Visitors to Ketterdam's West Stave often dress up in costumes from the Komedie Brute.

Known characters[]

  • Mister Crimson is a character dressed in red and black, with a mask. When he appears on the stage, the audience calls out, "Mother, Father, pay the rent!" To which he responds, "I can't, my dear, the money's spent!" and throws out coins into the audience. These coins are usually fake, but occasionally genuine money.
  • The Scarab Queen is a character dressed in black and shimmering green, similar to the carapace of a beetle. She covers her face with a gilded crown-like mask. The audience throws flowers at the Scarab Queen.
  • The Madman is a character dressed in a grotesque orange costume, and a goggle-eyed mask with a hooked beak. The audience hisses at the Madman when he appears on stage.
  • The Lost Bride is a character dressed in blue with a silk cape. She covers her face with a matching veil and wears a crown of flowers.
  • The Imp is a character dressed in a high-necked grey tunic, and a horned mask with bulbous staring eyes.


  • The group is likely based partially on the Commedia dell'arte, an early form of professional theatre originating in Italy. Another inspiration could be Atellan Farce, a Roman series of games preceded by masked actors performing pantomimes.