The Grishaverse

Kruge is the currency of Kerch. The bills are a pale purple color, emblazoned with three flying fish.


There are one-kruge[1] and five-kruge[2] paper bills.


  • An original DeKappel oil is worth almost 100,000 kruge.[3]
  • 100 kruge is considered a good amount to earn in two hours gambling on East Stave.[4]
  • A secondhand tweed jacket and a basic waistcoat in Ketterdam costs "a few" kruge.[5]
  • Workers can earn five kruge a day in the farming fields near Olendaal.[6]
  • A room at a filthy boardinghouse in the Barrel costs ten kruge.[7] It is unclear how many days ten kruge buys at this establishment.


The design for kruge in Netflix's Shadow and Bone is explained in the following table.[8]

Kerch currency in Netflix's Shadow and Bone
Type Denomination Front Image Back Image
Paper 1, 5, 10, 20 kruge Three flying fish Various Kerch ports, maps of trading lines
Coin 1 kruge One flying fish Church of Barter
Coin ½ kruge Tall ships Church of Barter
Coin ¼ kruge Sailor's knot Church of Barter
Coin kruge Gulls Church of Barter
Coin 1/20 kruge Crossed maritime flags Church of Barter
Coin 1/100 kruge Hand of Ghezen Church of Barter


TV images[]


  • The word kruge seems inspired by Middle Dutch kroech, meaning "crook".
  • Although Leigh Bardugo did not create a detailed design for the currency in the books, she envisioned it as a larger version of modern European paper currency[9] and suggested bills may include the inscription atop the arches of the Exchange (Enjent, Voorhent, Almhent).[10]