The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

The Lantsovs were the founding royal family of Ravka. Yaromir Lantsov, the Determined, united the provinces into Ravka and was crowned at the first altar as its king, establishing the Lantsov line.[1]

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Ravkan Double Eagle.png

The Lantsov crest is the Ravkan double eagle. The eagle holds a scepter in one talon. In the other, it grips three black arrows bound by red, purple, and blue ribbons.[2] These symbolize the Darkling’s power through the three orders of the Grisha.[3]

The Ravkan double eagle in the TV show

They have family jewels and heirlooms, such as the Lantsov emerald.[4]


Like many other Ravkan surnames in the Grishaverse, Lantsov is a Russian surname.[5]


  • The Ravkan double eagle is directly inspired by the Romanov crest.[6]