Leoni is a young woman from Novyi Zem. She is a member of the Second Army, and serves with Adrik Zhabin and Nina Zenik in King of Scars.

Appearance and Character Edit

Leoni is described as having long black hair, which she often braids, and brown eyes. She is a very happy and bubbly girl, which contrasts with Adrik's sullen attitude. She is also very daring and quick on her feet, as she assists Nina in blowing up the factory run by Jarl Brum.

History Edit

When Leoni was a child, she accidentally ingested contaminated water. Jesper Fahey's mother, Aditi Hilli, saved Leoni's life by drawing the poison out of Leoni and into herself. This resulted in the death of Jesper's mother, which made Leoni decide to devote her life to helping other people.

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