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"When I was drafted, my sergeant schooled us about Grisha. He said we would win this war because one of them was worth 50 of us. Then the revolver pistol came in from the west, and I was told a Grisha was worth two dozen soldiers. When I lost half my company to the Fjerdans with a repeating rifle and one in ten of our casualties was Grisha, they said it was an acceptable ratio. How long before they are just as useless as the rest of us?"
— Lieutenant Bohdan to Malyen Oretsev, We're All Someone's Monster

Lieutenant Bohdan is an officer of the First Army overseeing Alina Starkov and Malyen Oretsev's units.


At some point, Bohdan joined the First Army and became a Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Bohdan addresses his unit and tells them most will continue to the Fjerdan frontlines in the north while others would go south to the Shu Han borders. The Second Army had plans, however, to send a sandskiff the following day to Novokribirsk due to food shortages as if the mission was successful it would mean a full meal for everyone for the next week, and also bullets for the guns. Some soldiers were assigned to go to Novokribirsk and bring the supplies back. For this supply run across the Shadow Fold Bohdan calls Sergeant Yure Teplov, Malyen Oretsev, Masyelentov, Valek Tapenyov, and Nolech Barenovsky. After he finishes the brief announcement he tells them that dinner would be in an hour, and dismisses them.

After Alina secretly burns the maps in order to go on the mission with Mal, Petya finds the burned remains of the maps. Bohdan asks her how did it happen, but she replies that she doesn't know as they were extra careful to secure all the lanterns. Bohdan then asks her what was damaged to which she replies that nothing major, just records of the western coastline, Os Kervo, and the river system that runs through it. Bohdan is upset because in reality it was critical information needed of the geography of the other side of the Fold. Petya says that the First Army on the other side must have the same records but Bohdan says he doesn't trust them so someone has to cross the Fold and redraw the maps. Alina was listening to their conversation outside the tent and offers to go redraw the maps. Bohdan tells her that she will, not only her but her whole unit of cartographers which shocks Alina as she didn't want to put her colleagues at risk.[1]

After it is discovered Alina is the Sun Summoner and she is taken to the Little Palace. Bohdan is in his tent talking to another officer about the fact that they cannot afford any losses and considering sending a small unit to look for any survivors of the sandskiff that was attacked by volcra. Mal abruptly interrupts their conversation demanding they go after Alina. Bohdan is annoyed by Mal's impertinence and tells him that Alina is not their problem anymore. Mal asks him what does he mean by this and Bohdan replies that Alina is Grisha now thus Second Army. Mal keeps trying to convince Bohdan but Bohdan doesn't cave in.[2]

Bohdan leads his unit to an outpost in Chernast. When they've arrived he distributes the mail amongst the unit, to Sasha, Ksenya, Koshin, Valok, Mikhael, and Lenora. Bohdan then addresses them saying that a new open assignment has come down from Os Alta: Every unit north of Chernast is tasked with volunteering a tracking party, General Kirigan is offering a visit to the Little Palace for the person who can find Morozova's stag. Most of the unit laughs as Morozova's stag is a mythical creature and Bohdan says they are wasting First Army soldiers in "Second Army nonsense". Bohdan asks who wants to volunteer and Mal says he will do it.[3]

After Mal returns from tracking Morozova's stag, he is badly hurt. While Bohdan is in his tent telling a soldier to deliver a letter he wrote to Kirigan. Mal interrupts him and Bohdan tells him he should be resting. Mal asks the soldier if he is riding to Os Alta, to which he replies he is in no condition to go. Mal says he is the one who found the stag so he should be the one to deliver the news to Kirigan. Bohdan lets him go but tells both soldiers they will ride together.[4]

Physical description[]

Lieutenant Bohdan has white hair and blue eyes.


Season 1[]


  • At the beginning of Otkazat'sya, Lieutenant Bohdan is singing: "Mighty young captain, bold on the sea. Soldier and Sailor and free of disease..." This tune was sung by Nina Zenik to Inej Ghafa aboard the Ferolind in the book Six of Crows.
  • Lieutenant Bohdan only appears in the Netflix series, not in the books.


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