The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Lula is a nightingale and the friend of Koja the fox. She is a character in the Ravkan fairy tale The Too-Clever Fox.


When Koja was covered in fleas after making a deal with them, Lula was the only animal who visited him.

When the bear Ivan Gostov went missing, Koja told Lula to investigate the nearby town of Polvost. From the sparrows, Lula learned that the infamous hunter Lev Jurek and his sister Sofiya had come from Balakirev, after stripping the forest of its animal inhabitants. Upon her return to the woods near Polvost, Lula told the assembled animals that the hunter had arrived in Polvost. At night, Koja and Lula snuck into town to observe Jurek. Koja continued to observe Jurek, attempting to discern the reason for his silent hunting prowess, and updated Lula and Red Badger with his thoughts.

Sofiya lured Koja into a trap and began to cut off his coat. Lula heard Koja's cry and pecked out Sofiya's eyes. Sofiya tried to cut Lula with her knife, but Lula did not stop. After, Lula and Koja made a quiet life together.

Personality and traits[]

Lula was wise. She valued politeness, refusing to help Koja investigate the town until he asked her nicely. She was not afraid to speak her mind and was always brutally honest with Koja, but she did not hold his mistakes against him.

Physical description[]

Lula had shiny feathers and jet-black eyes. Her voice was pretty and her song pure.