Marie was an Inferni who lived at the Little Palace. She was Nadia's best friend.

Shadow and BoneEdit

Marie tried to befriend Alina Starkov after her arrival at the Little Palace, introducing the latter to her group of friends. Along with Nadia, Marie disliked Zoya, though she acted as if they were friends when together. Marie also seemed to dislike Genya, deeming her arrogant and forgetful of her place.

Siege and StormEdit

Marie and Sergei were now a couple. When Alina returned to the Little Palace and claimed control of the Second Army, Marie sided with Sergei in his attempt to oppose her, drawing her Inferni's flint as they were about to break into a fight.

The tension between Alina's supporters and her opponents eventually disappeared, as teamwork proved to be their only chance to defeat the Darkling.

Marie was killed during the Darkling's attack on Os Alta.

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