Marie was a student and Inferni at the Little Palace until she was killed by The Conductor.


Befriending Alina

Marie and Nadia greet Alina with open arms and introduce themselves after watching her demonstration at the Grand Palace in front of the King, proving that she is in fact the Sun Summoner. They escort Alina to combat training, where she faces off with Zoya. After Alina lands a single punch, Zoya uses her powers against Alina, which is strictly prohibited. Alina awakens with Marie and Nadia standing over her. They offer to take her to get checked out, but she insists that she’s fine.

Marie and Nadia join Alina for dinner, where she is prepared a grand meal to celebrate her victory with the King. Along with it comes an Otkazat'sya taste tester. During dinner, they learn that there have been casualties in the war, including 13 Grisha.[1]

After a tough training session with Bagrha, Marie reveals that one time, Baghra released a hive of bees on her. Though it may have been unorthodox, it did help Marie learn to summon her powers. However, Alina believes that such tactics won’t be necessary and that seeing Mal might help her learn to harness her powers. Marie and Nadia are intrigued and anxious to meet him.[2]

Killed by the Conductor

Marie and Nadia help Alina prepare for the Winter Fete. While in her room, they discuss how Marie panicked and set a boy on fire after he asked to spend time with her. Genya joins them and informs Marie that she’s needed to be fitted for the kefta.

After Alina’s demonstration, Marie is Tailored to resemble Alina to act as a stand-in and is taken to the fitting room, where she is attacked by the Conductor, who slits her throat before Genya comes to fend off her attacker. Genya rushes over to Marie, who with her final breath, asks Genya to put her back, as she doesn't want to die with the wrong face on.[3]

Physical Appearance

Marie was a pale skin girl with brown hair and brown eyes.


Marie was an Inferni, allowing her to manipulate fire.


Season 1


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