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Marya Hendriks is Wylan Van Eck's mother and Jan Van Eck's ex-wife.


When their son Wylan was eight and still could not read or write, Jan Van Eck had Marya declared insane (hysteria, paranoia, and persecution disorder), used it as grounds for divorce, then handed her over to an asylum at the Church of Saint Hilde in Olendaal. Jan then told Wylan—and presumably everyone else—that Marya had developed a lung infection, went to the country, and died.

Marya spent her time at Saint Hilde painting on an easel—landscapes and pictures of her son when he was younger. The asylum staff kept her paintings in a closet and threw them away every six months when they ran out of room.[1]

Crooked Kingdom[]

Jesper Fahey and Wylan—who has been tailored to look like Kuwei Yul-Bo, and therefore is unrecognizable as Wylan Van Eck—visit the Church of Saint Hilde with the intention of seeing Marya's grave. However, they are led into the asylum building while the nurse cleans up Marya and ensures she is ready for visitors. They meet Marya, who is dozing in a wheeled chair on a glassed-in porch on the west side of the building. Jesper leads the asylum nurse out of the room so Wylan can visit with his mother for an hour. Wylan plays his flute for her since she liked to play the piano. He asks her what they did to her, but Marya does not answer, and then the nurse returns and leads Wylan away.[1]

After Jan Van Eck is imprisoned and Wylan inherits the household, Wylan brings Marya home to the house on the Geldstraat. She sits in the park and paints in the garden with her son.[2] Marya sleeps a lot; Inej Ghafa says she seems to be coming back to herself in fits and starts, but suspects it will be a long road.[3]

Personality and traits[]

While institutionalized at Saint Hilde, Marya seems to suffer from memory issues. Sometimes, she is sharp and aware of what Jan did to her; others, she is uncertain and repeats what others say. Marya loves painting and music.[1]

Physical description[]

Marya has faded amber hair streaked with grey, and sharp hazel eyes. At Saint Hilde, her hair is cut short; before, it was curly, vibrant, and arranged into the detailed braids of a merchant's wife. Her son shares the red color and curls of her hair.[1]



  • Although she is referred to as "Marya Hendriks" throughout the book and in the Cast of Characters appendix, Marya herself insists her name is "Marya Van Eck".[1]
  • Her son Wylan uses her maiden name while in hiding in the Barrel.[4]


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