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Materialki, or the Order of Fabrikators, are Grisha whose power focuses on composite materials such as metal, glass, textiles, and chemicals. This Order consists of Durasts and Alkemi; collectively, they are commonly referred to as Fabrikators.

Despite being looked down upon by Corporalki and Etherealki alike under the Darkling's rule, Materialki have created many innovations that are used for various purposes in Ravka and internationally. Examples of these include Materialki corecloth, an exceptionally strong and flexible fabric that can withstand bullets; Grisha steel; Fabrikator glas; blasting powders; luminya, a type of liquid fire; and several other inventions.

In the Second Army, the Materialki wear purple kefta. They are represented by David Kostyk in The Grisha Triumvirate.

Durasts Edit

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Durasts deal with solids: Grisha steel, corecloth, textiles and glass. Their colors are purple and gray.

Known Durasts Edit

Alkemi Edit

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Alkemi specialize in poisons and blasting powders. They traditionally wear purple and red.

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Ravkan MaterialkiEdit

Materialki were once considered the lowest-ranking of the Grisha Orders, meaning that they were not trained as combat soldiers in the Second Army. However, under the current leadership of the Grisha Triumvirate, as well as by influence from both Alina Starkov and Nikolai Lantsov, Materialki are trained in combat and are becoming increasingly valuable in the Second Army.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Materialki comes from the latin word materia which means material, matter, or substance.
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