The Grishaverse

Maxim was a Corporalnik Healer who joined Alina Starkov and her allies in hiding after the Darkling seized Os Alta.


Ruin and Rising[]

While considering the Grisha in hiding with her, Alina discounts Maxim as a combatant because he is a Healer. He practices his craft in the infirmary, but the Soldat Sol do not trust Grisha enough to rely on his services.

Maxim was in the infirmary with Sergei Beznikov when they were arrested. After they are freed, he tends to a cut over Stigg's eye while the others discuss their plan to leave the White Cathedral that night. He chooses to stay behind, and Alina hopes Vladim Ozwal and the Priestguards will set an example by going to him for medical care. Alina threatened the Apparat so he would not harm Maxim while they were gone.