The Grishaverse

The Merchant Council is the governing body of Kerch.[1] It is made up of thirteen members of the oldest, richest, and most influential families in the country.[2] They are based in Ketterdam.


One hundred years ago, the Merchant Council outlawed burial of the dead within Ketterdam city limits after the first major outbreak of the plague.[3]

The Shu scientist Bo Yul-Bayur sent a sample of his new drug jurda parem to the Merchant Council and requested asylum in Kerch. The Council agreed to help Yul-Bayur defect, but he was killed in a skirmish at the drop point.[4]

The Merchant Council invested seventy million kruge[5] in Johannus Rietveld's jurda consortium fund at the behest of Councilmembers Jan Van Eck and Karl Dryden.[2]

Known members[]


  • Members of the Merchant Council use a purple wax seal on their documents and letters.[6]
  • Zemeni, Kaelish, and Suli people are not permitted to own land in Ketterdam or hold positions on the Merchant Council.[7]


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