The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Milo is a goat who helped the Crows cross the Shadow Fold by acting as an emotional support goat.


Milo was obtained by Kaz, as one of the items needed to cross the Fold. When the Crows were on the train, being attacked by volcra, Arken, seeing Jesper panic, advised him to grab Milo. Jesper thought Milo was going to be bait for the monsters and refused to throw him out, but Arken told him the goat was not for them but for Jesper, and told him again to hold the goat. Jesper held Milo, calming him, and he became focused enough to shoot at the volcra, forcing them off the train and allowing it to pass through into the other side of the Fold. Jesper left Milo at a tavern in Kribirsk, with a lucky bullet tied around his collar.

Later, Milo appeared at the encampment, and Mal, now a prisoner, saw the bullet tied around the goat's neck. He lured Milo to him, took the bullet, and used it the break his shackles.


Season 1