Misha is a young boy who was helping Baghra, after the Darkling blinded her.

History Edit

Not much is known. He comes from a poor family and he is brought to Baghra, to serve her and to read her books.

Appearance Edit

The first time Misha appears is in Siege and Storm when Alina comes to visit Baghra. When the Darkling interrupts Nikolai's birthday party, Misha escapes with Nikolai, the queen, the king and Baghra on the Kingfisher.

In Ruin and Rising, after Baghra jumps off of the balcony of the Monastery of Sankt Demyan of the Rime, Misha joins Alina and her followers[1] to help and he stays with them until they destroy the Darkling and the Shadow Fold.

Relatives Edit

His only relative mentioned in the books is his mother. Her name was not specified. She was working as a servant at the palace.