Nadia Zhabin is a Squaller who resides at the Little Palace. She is friends with Marie and has a younger brother, Adrik.


Nadia is shown to be a pale, apple-cheeked girl with freckles across her nose. Later in The Grishaverse, Nikolai Lantsov describes her as having pointed features and blond hair.


Shadow and Bone

Nadia and Marie befriend Alina Starkov soon after her arrival at the Little Palace, accepting the newcomer into their little group. Like Marie, Nadia dislikes Zoya, though she acts as though they were friends. 

Siege and Storm

Nadia is one of the few Grisha who decides to stay at the Little Palace after the Darkling's attempted coup and the growing tension between the First and Second Army. With Marie and Sergei now a couple, she is often left behind. When Alina evacuates the Grisha children from the Little Palace, Nadia petitions her to let her brother, Adrik, stay and fight despite his age. She and Adrik are among the few to survive the Darkling's attack on Os Alta, and they follow Alina to the White Cathedral.

Ruin and Rising

Nadia is stuck underground in the White Cathedral with the remaining second army, and mourns Marie in silence. She is involved in the plan to help Alina escape the White Cathedral and is part of the group that goes to find Nikolai. While travelling with Alina, Nadia begins to develop feelings for Tamar, a part of Alina’s personal guard. When Tamar chooses the crew for the Bittern, she says “..We need squallers and Nadia is our best option”, further proving her feelings for Nadia. When Alina invites Nadia, Zoya, Genya and Tamar to her room to try on dresses, Nadi remarks, “I miss sitting by the lake at the Little Palace, drinking my tea, everything feeling peaceful ”. Shortly after, Tamar and Nadia exchanged a kiss.

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