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No Mourners is the eighth episode of Neflix's Shadow and Bone adaptation.[1]


In the depths of the Fold, Kirigan demonstrates the scope of Alina’s powers, while the Crows cross paths with a stowaway amid a do-or-die undertaking.

Plot summary[]

The Crows’ new plan is to threaten Alina’s life because of her power, but Mal steps in to stop them. Eventually, they all work out that they’re on the same side, because they’re all against Kirigan. Kaz advises caution as they figure out their next move, but Mal decides he’s going to take on the general as soon as possible, and Inej goes with him.

Meanwhile, Kirigan has begun his master plan to actually extend the Fold into East Ravka, destroying the potential uprising there. Alina expresses her horror after he demolishes an entire city. He reminds her that some of the people there wanted her dead. Kirigan tells the crowd to take what they’ve seen that day back to their home countries and be advised there will be no more war with Ravka, because the Fold can be expanded into any land. When one diplomat speaks up and says Kirigan has now made all Grisha targets, he kills her and her guards.

Mal bursts onto the scene with a gun and tries to shoot Kirigan, while Inej tries to stab him. It doesn’t work. Zoya turns against Kirigan and tries to manipulate the wind to get them out of there. Alina manages to break Kirigan’s control over her, and she regains her powers by realizing that the stag itself controlled who used it as an Amplifier. It chose her. He watches as she glows and expands the light surrounding them. “I was trying to save us,” he exclaims before Mal tackles him. They both fall overboard.

The rest of the Crows join the fight and vanquish Kirigan’s Grisha guards. Mal and Kirigan fight for a bit until Mal grabs ahold of his gun, and then shoves him into the Fold where a volcra attacks him. “I don’t have to kill you,” he tells Kirigan, “Your past will do it for me.”

Nina and Matthias are making plans to run away together and leave Fjerda and Ravka behind. Unfortunately, Nina runs into one of Kirigan’s soldiers at the pub. He slows Matthias’ heart so he loses consciousness for a few minutes, and he and Nina talk. Nina tries to tell him that Matthias is not the enemy, but the guard won’t listen — he says Matthias must die for his crimes. Nina yells across the bar that Matthias is a slaver, which catches the attention of a man who’d been rounding up slavers for rewards. The guard allows the man to take both Nina and Matthias into custody.

When Matthias awakes, he tries to strangle Nina through the bars. She says she’ll deny that he was a slaver at trial, but the man tells her the case won’t go to trial for years, and in the meantime, Matthias will be locked up in Hellgate prison. Nina cries, having realized her grave mistake, and Matthias says he never should have trusted her.

Alina, Mal, the Crows and Zoya all sit in a field and talk about the future. Alina gives Kaz her hairpiece in exchange for him keeping information about her whereabouts and survival to himself. She also gives Inej one of her knives. In the end, they all go their separate ways. The Crows go back to Ketterdam, where one jewel from Alina’s hairpiece will pay off Heleen and buy Inej’s freedom for good. Zoya decides to go to East Ravka to see if her family survived Kirigan’s attack. Alina and Mal are happy to just be together again and resolve to destroy the Fold for good.

Also, the Crows end up on the same ship back to Ketterdam as Nina. Kaz says they’ll need a Heartrender, which is what Nina is.

At the very end of the episode, The Darkling (aka Kirigan) walks out of the Fold alive. He is not dead, like everyone assumed, but just scarred. A few monsters obediently follow him out.



Guest starring[]


  • Sujaya Dasgupta as Zoya Nazyalensky
  • Julian Kostov as Fedyor Kaminsky
  • Gareth Turkington as Feliks
  • Denes Gere as Lieutenant Ostap
  • Yasmine Maya as Kerch Ambassador
  • Johnny K. Palmer as Bartender
  • Tam Dean Burn as Kerch Captain
  • Martin Berencsy as Aide of Kerch Ambassador
  • Nick Cornwall as Slaver
  • Tarik Mesfun as Kerch Sailor 1
  • Hannah Lee as Kerch Sailor 2
  • Shaun Cowlishaw as Kerch Sailor 3


  • The episode title, "No Mourners," is a reference to an oft-iterated phrase among the Dregs. "No mourners, no funerals" is their variation of good luck.


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