Novyi Zem is a country located west of the True Sea, south of the Wandering Isle and north of the Southern Colonies. It is known for its dark-skinned people, its frontiers, extensive farmland where jurda is cultivated, and sophisticated firearms. In the Zemeni language, Grisha are known as zowa, meaning "blessed." Novyi Zem is also known for being a refuge for people, both otkazat'sya and zowa where they can begin a new life in anonymity.

Jesper Fahey is Zemeni, as was his mother Aditi Hilli.

Cities and locationsEdit

  • Shriftport: the main port city of Novyi Zem and known for its extensive Jurda fields
  • Cofton: City where Alina and Mal hid from the Darkling. Hometown of Colm Fahey and its son Jesper, his late wife Aditi, and Leoni Hilli.
  • Weddle: A city in northeastern Novyi Zem.


  • Novyi Zem was inspired by the American colonies and Australia, with other influences.[1]
  • Novyi Zem is based on a real place called Novaya Zemlya, a Russian archipelago, somewhere in the North Sea above Eurasia.
  • There are schools for zowa training in the west of Novyi Zem as said by Leoni's father.


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