The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Novyi Zem is a nation bordered by the Wandering Isle to the north, the True Sea to the east, and the Southern Colonies to the south.


Novyi Zem is known for its dark-skinned people, its frontiers, bustling coastal cities, extensive farmland where jurda is cultivated, and sophisticated firearms. It is also known for being a refuge for people, both otkazat'sya and zowa where they can begin a new life in anonymity.

Novyi Zem is a young country compared to other nations. The expanse of the True Sea keeps Novyi Zem separated from global conflict, allowing the nation to prosper.[1]


  • Eames Chin - expanse of arable land.




  • Shriftport - the main port city of Novyi Zem,[citation needed] known for its extensive jurda fields.[2]
  • Weddle - a city in northeastern Novyi Zem.



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Novyi Zem has ministers, but its exact structure of government is unknown.[4]


Novyi Zem has a navy. Its naval flag features orange stars.[5]


  • The Zemeni do not use the word "Grisha". Individuals with Grisha power are known as zowa, meaning "blessed", and that power is considered a gift.[6] There are teachers who train zowa in the west of Novyi Zem.[7]
  • The Zemeni have a tradition of choosing family names. This began with the Maradi family, who named themselves after Sankta Maradi, who saved them at sea.[8] Leoni followed this tradition by adopting the surname of Aditi Hilli, the zowa woman who died to save her when Leoni was a child.[9]

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  • Novyi Zem was originally inspired by the American colonies and Australia, with other influences.[10]
  • Novyi Zem is likely named after Novaya Zemlya, a real-world Russian archipelago in the North Sea above Eurasia. The name means "New Land".