The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Olendaal is a location in Kerch, south of Ketterdam. It is the site of a quarry and the Church of Saint Hilde.

Notable locations[]

Olendaal is accessible from Ketterdam by browboat via the Belendt line and the market line. Olendaal contains a sleepy village, which includes a general store. Outside of the village lies a quarry, many fields of barley and wheat, and the Church of Saint Hilde.

Church of Saint Hilde[]

The Church of Saint Hilde is an insane asylum one mile from the village via a dirt road. A long gravel drive lined with poplars leads up a hill from the dirt road to the institution. The asylum is three stories of white stone fronted by low stairs leading to an arched front door. To the left is a wisteria arbor; to the right, past the hospital's lawn, is a fenced graveyard with a stone statue of Saint Hilde at its center.

The front parlor is two stories high, its floor tiled in white with painted blue tulips. There is a large desk in the corner and a cabinet containing files and keys. Pale blue doors lead from the parlor to the inmates' rooms. There is an exercise room, a parlor for playing games, and a glassed-in porch on the west side of the building.


Olendaal is the location of the closest quarry to Ketterdam. The quarry has a vein of auris.[1]


Crooked Kingdom[]

Wylan Van Eck and Jesper Fahey take a browboat to Olendaal under the guise of immigrants seeking farmwork, ostensibly to gather minerals from the quarry. They detour to the Church of Saint Hilde, intending to visit the grave of Wylan's mother, Marya Hendriks, but learn Marya is still alive and institutionalized at the asylum.


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