Pekka Rollins is the leader of the Dime Lions, a gang who conned Jordie and Kaz when they were young and new to Ketterdam. He runs the Emerald Palace, the Sweet Shop and the Kaelish Prince, all located in Ketterdam. The Dime Lions are adversaries of Kaz Brekker's gang, the Dregs.

He hired the Razor Gulls and the Black Tips to stop Kaz Brekker's gang from leaving the docks of Ketterdam. Pekka's main goal was to stop Kaz from going to the Ice Court so Pekka could go ahead and capture Yul-Bayur.

He was also a major player under Jan Van Eck to kidnap Yul-Bayur for 30 million kruge.

Pekka Rollins's team was caught, and his best teammates were staked at the wall of the Ice Court, burned and barely recognizable. Meanwhile, Pekka was thrown into the prison of the Ice Court.

He was later freed by Kaz Brekker, who vowed to kill Pekka. Kaz Brekker wished to kill Pekka by his own hands.

At the Dime Lion's place, Kaz Brekker approaches him for a trade of a load of money. He trades Pekka for Kaz's share of the Crow Club, Per Haskell's poker club. Pekka agrees, and afterwards, finds his valuables on him gone. They're replaced by useless objects such as a turnip. (His golden watch is replaced by a turnip, for Kaz stole his watch).

History Edit

Pekka Rollins was originally a rock breaker from the Wandering Isle. He came to Ketterdam in his youth after scheming his way onto a ship headed to Kerch, and from there Rollins worked his way up the ranks of the city's gangs until he became the leader of the Dime Lions.

About eight years prior to the start of Six of Crows, Pekka Rollins ran a con on Jordie and Kaz Rietveld, two farm boys new to Ketterdam. Pretending to be a low-level merchant named Jakob Hertzoon, Rollins persuaded Jordie to throw all of the brothers' money into his investment scheme which turned out to be a scam. Penniless, the boys were evicted onto the streets just as a deadly plague hit Ketterdam resulting in Jordie's death. Kaz survived and vowed to get revenge on Rollins for his role in their demise.

At some point in the coming years, Pekka fathered his young son, Alby who lived in a country home outside the city.

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