The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Pim is a member of the Dregs. He is loyal to Kaz Brekker rather than Per Haskell.


Six of Crows[]

Pim is one of the Dregs who gather at the eastern entrance to the Exchange while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. When Kaz leaves Ketterdam for the Ice Court job, he leaves Pim in charge.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Like the other kids Kaz brought into the gang, Pim disapproves of Per Haskell and the Dregs betraying Kaz in favor of the reward from Pekka Rollins and Jan Van Eck. When the Dregs beat up Kaz, Pim looks away. Per Haskell makes a last-ditch attempt to keep control of the gang, instructing Varian to beat Kaz again, but Pim blocks Varian's path to Kaz.

Pim and Anika accompany a wounded Kaz to the rest of the Crows at the Geldrenner Hotel, where Kaz outlines his plan to swindle the Merchant Council by making them invest in a false fund. Dressed in stadwatch uniforms, Pim and Anika stop the messengers of Cornelis Smeet to search their bags. In reality, they plant documents to entice Karl Dryden to come to the Geldrenner to invest in the fund.

Three weeks after the auction of Kuwei Yul-Bo and the ensuing chaos, Pim delivers Roeder's report on the Van Ecks to Kaz, the new leader of the Dregs. Pim and Anika hang out at the Slat until Kaz orders them both to get out and draw in customers to the Crow Club. Pim protests, saying he just came off a shift, but Kaz ignores him.

Physical description[]

Pim is a bruiser for the gang, so he is fairly large. His hair is shaggy.



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