The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Privyet is the privateer Sturmhond's second-in-command and the first mate on the Volkvolny. He is one of the few crewmembers to know that Sturmhond was really Prince Nikolai Lantsov of Ravka.


Siege and Storm[]

Alina Starkov first meets him when Sturmhond rescues her and Malyen Oretsev from the Darkling. He has been left in charge of the Volkvolny while Sturmhond was on the whaler, and he reports to Sturmhond regarding their casualties and capture of Rusalye, which Alina kills to form the Sea Whip's Fetter. He suggests selling the remaining scales, and Sturmhond gives his approval to skin the creature.

Privyet bet Tamar Kir-Bataar that she and the rest of the whaler crew would not return, and she claims he looked like a mourner at a funeral when they came over the ship's rail. Later he watches from his place by the wheel when Alina tests her increased power.

When Sturmhond hands over command of the ship to him, he gives Privyet his garish teal frock coat to wear and an envelope sealed with a blob of pale blue wax.

Ruin and Rising[]

Nikolai assures Alina that his fleet is intact thanks to Privyet, and should Fjerda move against the new King of Ravka, they should be able to neutralize the northern country for a time with the supply of weapons he is prepared to send them.

Following the defeat of the Darkling and the destruction of the Shadow Fold, Nikolai rallies Sturmhond's fleet to quell the unrest.

Rule of Wolves[]

Privyet once again disguises himself as Sturmhond while the Volkvolny is in the Ketterdam harbor so the Merchant Council can inspect it and ensure the ship had nothing to do with the robbery.

Personality and traits[]

Sturmhond trusts Privyet to act in his stead, and he is very loyal to Sturmhond. When Sturmhond leaves the Volkvolny to travel to Os Alta, he is nearly in tears.

He has a "lilting tenor."