Ravka is a nation bordered by Fjerda in the north, Shu Han in the south, and the True Sea in the west.   


The territory was once divided into several feudal provinces led by kings who were constantly in conflict with one another. Yaromir the Determined unified them and became the first King of Ravka, founding the Lantsov royal line. However, the young kingdom remained war torn as it faced invasions from the north and south.

The Second Army was founded by the The Darkling under King Yevgeni in exchange for protection for Grisha in the form of the Little Palace.



Many Suli people live in Ravka.

Cities and towns


Ravka is protected by two armies: the First Army, comprised of Otkazat'sya soldiers, and the Second Army, comprised of trained Grisha.


Ravka is a monarchy led by the royal Lantsov family.

Known Rulers

* According to Alina Starkov, Aleksander was a name used by kings. Since Alexander is a variation of the same name, it's possible that the Lantsov dynasty used the name Aleksander and eventually changed it to Alexander.


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  • Ravka is heavily influenced and inspired by Tsarist Russia of the early 1800s.[2]
  • Ravka's climate is cold as it usually snows in winter. Its summers are warm and there is a thick layer of permafrost at its northern border.


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