Ravkan is the language commonly used by the inhabitants of Ravka.

Known Words Edit

Note: Words with known Russian derivation have a ★ next to them.

Modern Ravkan Edit

kefta - garment worn by Grisha (from kaftan)

Sankt - Saint (masculine)

Sankta - Saint (feminine)

Sankt’ya - of the Saints (plural)

pomdrakon - dragonbowl: a Ravkan dish created by lighting raisins on fire

grenatki, grenatye - grenades (both have been used) ★

malenchk(i) - little ghost(s) (-ch- is diminutive)

maleni - ghost(s)

kvas - vodka ★

tsifil - a contagious disease

kapitan - captain

da - yes ★

net - no ★

oprichnik(i) - The Darkling’s personal guard(s), elite soldier(s) ★

moi - my (masculine object) ★

moya - my (feminine object) ★

soverennyi - sovereign, the title used for The Darkling (direct address: moi soverennyi)

tsar - ruler, king, tsar (direct address: moi tsar) ★

tsaritsa - ruler, queen, female tsar, tsaritsa (direct address: moya tsaritsa) ★

odinakovost - sameness, thisness ★

etovost - uniqueness, thatness

otkazat’sya - orphaned, abandoned; used by Grisha to refer to non-Grisha ★ (means to refuse)

istoriya - story ★

istorii - stories ★

kutya - a Ravkan dish ★ (kutya/kutia is a Russian dish)

tsarevich - prince, son of tsar (direct address: moi tsarevich) ★

sobachka - puppy, doggy ★ (sobaka is dog in russian, -ch- is diminutive again)

lapushka - darling, honey, sweetie ★

nichyevo(‘ya) - nothing(s) ★

volkvolny - wolf of the waves ★ (volk=wolf, volny=waves)

provin’ye - real (adjective)

autchen’ye - genuine (adjective)

osti - bones

spasibo - thanks, thank you ★

babki - a children’s game

babink(i) - barbarian(s)

Madraya - mother, mom, mommy (term of address)

merzost - magic, abomination, unnatural creation, something from nothing ★ (abomination)

banya - bathhouse

nolnik(i) - zero(es)

  • The term Nolniki as a proper noun is used to refer to the First and Second Army soldiers who work at the Gilded Bog in King of Scars.

rebe - daughter

dva - two ★

dva - of (dva has been used for both two and of at separate times in the Grishaverse)

stolba - mills ★ (means pillars, columns, refers to the ruins of Dva Stolba)

babya - grandmother, old woman (formal address)

Ne zalost! - To your health!

Ne ___! - Long live _____!

razrusha’ya - ruined (sing. or plural) ★ (razrushenny)

razrushhost - ruination ★

khitka - wood sprite

sol - sun (adj.) ★ (solntse)

metan yez - marsh gas ★ (metan=methane, marsh gas)

na - I am not ★ (ne ya)

e‘ya - I am ★ (ya)

kokochnik(i) - headdress, hairpiece(s) ★ (kokoshnik)

luminya - a variation of liquid fire, an almost un-extinguishable flame

beznako - a lost cause

sarafan - a peasant dress ★

yunejhost - unity

Korol Rezni - King of Scars ★ (rezky=to cut)

  • Korol Rezni is the title given to Nikolai Lantsov by the peasants of Kribirsk after the events of Ruin and Rising.

korol - king ★

koroleva - queen ★

Sol Koroleva - Sun Queen ★

Gruzeburya - the brute wind ★ (burya=storm, gruze=load)

Adezku - the western wind

lazlayon - the gilded hollow

  • The term Lazlayon as a proper noun is the name of the undercover laboratory and research base designed by Nikolai Lantsov and housed by Count Kirigin in King of Scars.

volkshiya - people

Ancient Ravkan Edit

e’ya - I am ★ (ya)

sta - become ★ (stat’sya=to become)

rezku - blade ★ (rezky=to cut)


  • As explained by Leigh Bardugo, Ravkan is not exactly the same as Russian; the language is heavily inspired by Russian, but is derived from both Russian and Mongolian.
  • It seems in part to have a mostly Russian vocabulary, with much simplified noun and adjective plural endings, which may come from Mongolian.