The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Rotty is a member of the Dregs, one of several prominent gangs in Ketterdam.


Six of Crows[]

Rotty is present at the parley between the Dregs and the Black Tips at the Exchange. Since street law prohibits weapons at a parley, Big Bolliger hands his weapons to Rotty, and Jesper Fahey gives him his rifle. With the other Dregs, Rotty cheers on Kaz Brekker after he threatens Geels into turning tail.

Rotty is aboard the Ferolind, the schooner that takes the crew to Fjerda. When Kaz learns Inej Ghafa was stabbed by Oomen, Rotty retrieves Oomen and stashes him on the Ferolind for questioning. After Inej is healed from her knife wound, Rotty cleans her blood off the table. The Crows disembark the ship in the north; Specht, Rotty, and the rest of the crew take the Ferolind down to the Djerholm harbor, where they wait for the Crows to escape the Ice Court.

On the return to Ketterdam, Inej talks with Rotty and Specht about sailing. Kaz, Jesper, and Rotty row a longboat from the Ferolind to Fifth Harbor so Kaz can deliver a message to Jan Van Eck. Rotty remains at the dock to watch over Jesper and ensure the sharpshooter does not leave to go gambling.

They return to the Ferolind and the next day Rotty rows Kaz, Jesper, Inej, Matthias Helvar, and Kuwei Yul-Bo (actually Wylan Van Eck tailored to look like Kuwei) to meet Van Eck on Vellgeluk. Rotty waits with the longboat until Van Eck's Tidemakers destroy it, leaving Rotty to run for cover. Rotty waits on Vellgeluk for several hours with Kaz, Jesper, Matthias, and Wylan until Specht retrieves them in the second longboat.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Rotty and Specht deliver information to Kaz and the Crows while they are hiding on Black Veil Island. When the Crows return from the heist at Cornelis Smeet's house, Rotty and Specht inform them of recent events in Ketterdam, tell Matthias that Muzzen was killed in Hellgate, and that Colm Fahey is looking for Jesper.

To fool Jan Van Eck into believing Kaz was coming to retrieve Inej from Eil Komedie, Rotty and Specht make a show of launching a gondel from Fifth Harbor. Later, Rotty rows a gondel to Van Eck's house so Kaz and Wylan can break into his safe. When Pekka Rollins surprises them in the house, Rotty and Kaz row quickly to Sweet Reef to pick up Nina Zenik and Inej, then to the Geldrenner Hotel. Rotty keeps watch outside the hotel's staff elevator.

Kaz devises a plan to convince the Merchant Council to invest in a false jurda consortium and invites Karl Dryden to the Geldrenner. To convince Dryden that the fund is serious, Rotty dresses in black merchant's clothes and shows some of Ketterdam's wealthiest investors to Jesper's presentation on Zemeni oil futures.

After the auction of Kuwei Yul-Bo ends in a panic, Matthias escorts Kuwei's unconscious body and a medik aboard a fishing boat carrying Rotty, dressed as a fisherman, and Nina, dressed as the fisherman's pregnant wife. Rotty uses a fake beard for the disguise. Rotty rows them through the canals to Zentsbridge, where Specht, in the guise of a bottle man, stops their boat by arguing heatedly with Rotty. This gives them time to replace Kuwei with a real dead body. Rotty takes the medik and the body to Ghezendaal hospital, then returns with Nina to Zentsbridge, where they remove their disguises and climb into the bottleboat.

Rotty rows Nina, Kuwei, Inej, and Matthias's body to the Van Eck house. There, they convert the bottleboat into a bodyman's sickboat, and Rotty dresses in a bodyman's black hood. Rotty takes Nina, Kuwei, Colm, and Matthias's body to Sweet Reef to pick up Sturmhond and the Grisha refugees and pole them past the harbor to Sturmhond's ship.

Kaz gives Rotty half of Per Haskell's share of the thirty million kruge from the Ice Court heist (three million kruge).



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