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The Grishaverse

Sankt Emerens is the patron saint of brewers and prayed to when the harvest begins.


Born in the Kerch village Girecht, Emerens was a pious child who did not cry on Saints' days except for when people were late to church.

One year, a blight struck Girecht, ravaging the grain fields; what little untainted grain they harvested went into silos that were soon infested with rats. Seeing their worry about not having any grain for their festival's beer, Emerens volunteered to be lowered into the silos and chase the rats out. He was lowered into the grain, and once submerged, his holiness drove the rats out within hours.

The villagers praised Sankt Emerens for saving their grain, and lowered him into the southern silo when it too was infested with rats. However, wanting to participate in that night's festival, the villagers left him in the silo to enjoy themselves and forgot all about him. Emerens died in the grain. No one noticed until the next morning, when they did not hear him come to tell them off for being late to church. He was buried in the barley fields.


Since Emerens's death, beer and bread made from Girecht grain tasted of misery. Although Girecht has since been forgotten, Sankt Emerens is paid homage in late summer when the harvest begins.[1]



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