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The Grishaverse

Sankt Kho was a Shu clockmaker and the creator of the clockwork battalion commanded by the last king of Shu Han. He is the patron saint of good intentions.


Kho was a clockmaker who lived in the shadow of the palace of Shu Han. When the king drove the country to vulnerability with his many wars, Shu Han had no soldiers left to defend it. Kho vowed to protect the kingdom and worked through the night to create a battalion of clockwork soldiers. When the enemy assaulted the capital, Kho's battalion fought until every one of the enemy soldiers were dead.

Kho's intention was for the clockwork soldiers to protect the kingdom, but the king began to use them to conquer new territories and silence dissenters. When the king grew tired of his conquest, he ordered them to stop, but they did not. The battalion was eventually defeated by Sankta Neyar with her legendary blade Neshyenyer.

Personality and traits[]

Kho was deeply loyal to his country, vowing to use every ounce of his skill to protect the kingdom.

Powers and abilities[]

Kho was presumably a Durast, given his ability to create the clockwork soldiers. His battalion was made by "binding bone to metal" and "stringing sinew over cogs," demonstrating a mastery of the body, as well.[1] The soldiers could only be defeated by a blade forged by a fellow Durast, Sankta Neyar; they did not tire, grow hungry, or suffer from normal wounds.



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