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The Grishaverse

Sankt Vladimir the Foolish is the patron saint of the drowned and of unlikely achievement.


Vladimir was a young man with out any notable talent who lived in Os Kervo. To comfort himself from what others said about him, he went to the water and whispered to the waves. Hearing that the king of Ravka planned to port his ship in Os Kervo's unruly bay, he came up with the solution. However, upon trying to speak his plan, the words would not come out. Sankt Vladimir decided to take matters into his own hands and walked into the bay, taking its water with him until the shore was farther away. For thirty days and nights, he prayed to hold the water off while the citizens of Os Kervo worked to build the seawall and lighthouse for the king to safely enter. Its completion finally came, and the foreman signaled for him to return with the water, but Sankt Vladimir was too tired from praying to walk back. Instead, he stopped praying and let the shore flood back in, delivering his body back to the shore. The citizens of Os Kervo laid him on a bed of lilies and paid their respects to him for another thirty days, and on the thirty-first, his body dissolved into sea foam and sea salt.


A blue-domed church in Kribirsk was dedicated to Sankt Vladimir. It was later reconsecrated to Sankta Alina.[1]

The Hringsa made a mural of Sankt Vladimir's sacred lighthouse on the wall of a church in Hjar, Fjerda.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Vladimir was neither clever nor interesting, and he knew this. He was halting and shy; this bothered others, who called him "fool" and kept him away. Vladimir felt lonely around other people and was happier when talking to the water. However, he paid close attention to what others said, even though he could never find the words to contribute his thoughts to the conversations. In his Sainthood, he is remembered as brave.[3]

Physical description[]

Vladimir "could not sing well and he was not pleasing to look at."[3] He also lacked physical strength.




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