The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Sankta Marya of the Rock was a young Suli girl. She is the patron saint of those who are far from home.


During an early winter, Marya's Suli encampment lost their traditional employment in entertainment. A local in Caryeva offered the men mining jobs in his copper mine, but one of the Suli seers warned them against entering the tunnels. After a while, the seer declared that Marya must accompany the miners. Marya and her parents were afraid, but agreed. The men successfully worked all day, but as they turned to exit the mine, the earth shook and the tunnel collapsed. Marya held up her hands, prevented the ceiling from collapsing, and created an opening in the mine walls for the workers to pass through. Marya's father carried her on his shoulders as the Suli exited the mountain, Marya forming a path before them.


It is said that the Suli can always find shelter in the caves that Marya created in the Sikurzoi.



  • Marya was afraid of the dark.[1]
  • Inej Ghafa named one of her knives after Sankta Marya.[2]


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