The Grishaverse

The Second Army is the principal land warfare force of Ravka along with the First Army. It is based in the Little Palace and in contrast to the First Army, which is composed of otkazat'sya, the Second Army is made up entirely of Grisha.


The Second Army was founded by the The Darkling under King Yevgeni in exchange for protection for Grisha in the form of the Little Palace.

At the beginning of the trilogy, the Darkling leads the Second Army, as he has done for hundreds of years. Later, Alina Starkov makes a decision to rebuild and lead the Second Army so they can defeat the Darkling. After Alina loses her Grisha abilities at the end of Ruin and Rising, she and Nikolai Lantsov decide to have Zoya Nazyalensky, David Kostyk and Genya Safin share the leadership of the Second Army, so that every order would be represented.


The soldiers of the First Army look at the members of the Second Army with mistrust and distance, knowing that most of the Grisha consider themselves as better than the "normal" soldiers. In return, the Grisha of the Second Army detest the members of the First Army and regard them as weak, less gifted, inferior, and less valuable.

There is a fear that the Second Army and Grisha power will become obsolete as other nations begin to industrialize.


Every soldier of the Second Army wears a kefta in the color of their order, which fulfills several functions, such as the distinction between the different orders and being a symbol for being a Grisha and a member of the Second Army.

Grisha Orders[]

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Corporalki wear crimson kefta. Their power focuses on the human body. They are the highest ranking soldiers of the Second Army and are also considered as the most feared. The order is divided into two types: Heartrenders and Healers.

Etherealki wear blue kefta. The order is divided into three types: Squallers, who can control pressure and movement of the air, Inferni, who can generate and control fire using a flint, and Tidemakers, who can summon and control water. Usually, they work and fight in pairs.

Materialki wear purple kefta. They are the least respected order due to having no use in a fight. Nevertheless, their products, such as Grisha steel, armor, and blasting powders are very important for the Second Army. The order is divided into two types: Alkemi and Durasts.