The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

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Shadow Summoners are Grisha of the Etherealki Order. They have the ability to gather and manipulate darkness. The Darkling and his mother, Baghra, are the only known Shadow Summoners.


Shadows Summoners are a rare and powerful class of Grisha. Their power is shown in their ability to manipulate darkness and shadows. In Shadow and Bone, Alina described Baghra's power as inky pool of darkness in her hands, which then she, as well as her son, can shape into tendrils or waves of darkness, and in some cases, darkness can be made into the Cut, a lethal ability that uses shadows or darkness to create a slicing effect on the target.


The Demon in the Wood[]

As a boy, the Darkling lived in a Grisha camp with his mother. He demonstrates his power to Annika, a young Tidemaker, and her younger sister, Sylvi. Annika is frightened by his power when he makes Sylvi apparently disappear, but she admits it only scares her because she has never seen it before. He then uses his power to ward off three boys who were teasing Annika, blinding them with darkness. The Darkling touches Annika's hand, and she realizes he is living Amplifier.

Shadow and Bone[]

Baghra tells Alina Starkov, the Sun Summoner, that it was the Darkling who created the Shadow Fold hundreds of years before.

Siege and Storm[]

The Darkling uses merzost to create nichevo'ya, deadly shadow creatures that do his bidding.

Ruin and Rising[]

During the attack on the Spinning Wheel, the Darkling turns Nikolai Lantsov into a volcra-like humanoid shadow creature, with wings, claws, and fangs.