The Sildroher are a species who inhabit the waters off the coasts of Fjerda. They are featured in The Language of Thorns story When Water Sang Fire.


Before fleeing in the ocean, the Sildroher were allies with the Hedjut people and commonly mingled with humans (but did not mate with them).


Their magic was shown to be a purer form of magic, not as limited and tied to science as that of most Grisha. Their songs could control things from people’s will to storms (this is incidentally the first type of magic they would learn).



  • Historically, they were very powerful beings whose magic took the form of song and wove it into their culture. Now, since they are a very timid race, their abilities have diminished and very few known about the song magic.
  • The Sildroher are partially based off of the Blue men of the Minch as they could create storms and sometimes interact with humans. They could also be loosely based off of Sirens as their voices lure sailors to their deaths.

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