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Specht is a member of the Dregs and a former member of the Kerch navy. He has a talent for knife work and forgery.


In the navy, Specht forged leave documents and supply orders. The navy threw him out for insubordination and refused to give him his pension, but Specht needed money to support his sister near Belendt. Kaz Brekker recruited him for the Dregs thanks to Specht's knowledge of navy routes. Specht also helps the Dregs with his knowledge of boats, the True Sea, and document forgery.

Six of Crows[]

Kaz makes Specht the captain of the Ferolind, the schooner that takes the crew to Fjerda. The Crows disembark the ship in the north; Specht, Rotty, and the rest of the ship's crew take the Ferolind down to the Djerholm harbor, where they wait for the Crows to escape the Ice Court. Kaz trusts Specht to keep the Ferolind waiting, since Specht owes him.

On the return to Ketterdam, Inej Ghafa talks with Specht and Rotty about sailing. Before Kaz goes to meet with Jan Van Eck, he instructs Specht to take Kuwei Yul-Bo and Nina Zenik to hide in the abandoned prison tower at Hellgate. When the Crows fail to make contact after a few hours, Specht rows to Vellgeluk and picks them up in a longboat.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Specht and Rotty deliver information to Kaz and the Crows while they are hiding on Black Veil Island. Specht also participates in the job at Cornelis Smeet's house by keeping the lawyer occupied. When Kaz leaves the dealer's seat, Specht takes over as the dealer for Three-Man Bramble at the Club Cumulus. After the Crows return to Black Veil, Specht and Rotty inform them of recent events in Ketterdam, tell Matthias Helvar that Muzzen was killed in Hellgate, and that Colm Fahey is looking for Jesper, his son.

To fool Jan Van Eck into believing Kaz was coming to retrieve Inej from Eil Komedie, Specht and Rotty make a show of launching a gondel from Fifth Harbor. When Black Veil is later ambushed and the Crows relocate to the Geldrenner Hotel, Specht tells Kaz about the parade of deputized Barrel gangs and that the Crows are now wanted alive.

For Nina's plan to smuggle the Grisha refugees out of Ketterdam, Specht first forges papers indicating that Nina and Matthias are Fjerdan siblings seeking asylum at the Ravkan embassy. He then forges a letter from Jan Van Eck instructing a ship's captain to secretly take the Grisha to Ravka, along with forged papers of transit and a manifest.

Specht helps Wylan Van Eck create a stamp to make it look like ink from one document has bled into another, in order to draw Karl Dryden's attention for Kaz's plan to swindle the Merchant Council. After Kuwei Yul-Bo's auction ends in chaos, Specht, playing the role of a bottle man on his bottle boat, stops Rotty's fishing boat carrying Nina, Matthias, Kuwei's unconscious body, and a medik under Zentsbridge. This gives them time to exchange Kuwei for a real dead body on the bottleboat while Specht has fun insulting and arguing with Rotty.

Kaz gives Specht half of Per Haskell's share of the thirty million kruge from the Ice Court heist (three million kruge). At Kaz's request, Specht helps Inej hire a crew for her new warship the Wraith, and is offered to be her first mate.

Physical description[]

Specht has a grizzled jaw and tattoos extending halfway up his neck. Wylan Van Eck describes him as "frightening."[1]



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