The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse
Squallers crest

Squallers are Grisha of the Etherealki Order. They can manipulate the wind by raising or lowering air pressure to fill a ship's sails or to move objects.

In the Second Army they wear blue keftas with silver embroidery.

Known Abilites[]

Squallers are able to manipulate air pressure in order to hurl objects or people through the air in combat. Additionally, Squaller power was utilized by Sturmhond to propel his flying ships in Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising.

Squaller power can also be used to create acoustic anomalies, such as one used by Zoya Nazyalensky in Ruin and Rising and later the other Squallers who follow Alina Starkov. This allows sound to travel farther and more distinctly, or masks sound altogether.

Squallers are able to create a barrier made of air which can shield the user from attacks such as bullets. They can also pull the air out of a targets lungs killing them.

Squallers can use their ability to enhance other Grisha abilities and attacks, including feeding air into fire to increase the blast, as well as adding extra speed to shards of ice or poisonous powers.

Summoning lightning is also a trick that Squallers can perform. However, they were not permitted to use this ability in the Darkling’s Second Army due to the unpredictability of its nature, remarked upon by both Alina Starkov in the Shadow and Bone trilogy and Sturmhond in the Six of Crows duology. Although it is unclear whether or not Squallers are now trained in this technique under the leadership of the Grisha Triumvirate, Zoya Nazyalensky summons and utilizes lightning in Crooked Kingdom in order to restart a boy’s heart.

Known Squallers[]



Jurda parem[]

With the development of jurda parem, Squaller powers are shown to be able to summon hurricane-level storms using the abilities of a single Grisha, and Squallers can manipulate air with a precision that allows them to take controlled flight. Without the drug, these feats are unthinkable.