The Grishaverse

The stadwatch functions as a form of Ketterdam's police. They deal with auctions and most things brought to their attention. However, like most of Ketterdam, they can be bought. The guards of the stadwatch wear a purple uniform that includes a coat, rifle, and weighted baton.[1] There are always two stadwatch guards posted on the roof of the Exchange.[2] The stadwatch also have dogs that they use to search for illegal shipments.[3]


Kaz and Jordie Rietveld found a bridge to sleep under after being evicted from their boarding house, but were rousted by the stadwatch and had to find somewhere else to go.[4] When he was fourteen, Kaz was arrested after the stadwatch rousted the gambling hall he was in.[5]

Six of Crows[]

Joost Van Poel joined the stadwatch about six weeks before his death and was assigned to patrol around Councilman Hoede's house. One day, all the guards are told to report to Hoede's boathouse, where jurda parem is demonstrated with Anya, a Grisha Healer. The stadwatch sergeant cuts into a young boy's arm so Anya can demonstrate her power, while the other guards watch. Then, Anya uses her amplified power to force the sergeant to shoot the glass, and commands the other stadwatch to do nothing but wait.[1] Unable to eat, sleep, or drink water, the guards eventually die.[5]

During the parley between the Black Tips and the Dregs, Bert Van Daal and Willem Holst are the two guards posted on the Exchange roof. Geels had attempted to pay them off, but Kaz blackmailed Holst, and Inej Ghafa presses a knife to Van Daal's throat to prevent him from shooting.[2]

Jan Van Eck arrives at Vellgeluk followed by stadwatch officers, two of which lug the heavy trunk of kruge between them.[6]

Crooked Kingdom[]

Colm Fahey went to the stadwatch after he was unable to find his son Jesper at the university.[7]

A large group of stadwatch flood onto the Stave when Van Eck and Kaz exchange their hostages. Van Eck falsely accuses Kaz of not keeping his word, and the stadwatch officers seal off the bridge. Inej kills a stadwatch officer as she and Kaz escape past the stadwatch boats, one of which Wylan Van Eck blows a hole in.[8]

Van Eck keeps the Slat under surveillance afterward, and stadwatch guards search the rooms.[9] The stadwatch seal the city exits, but allow a parade of gangs to march through on Van Eck's orders.[10]

During Kuwei Yul-Bo's auction at the Church of Barter, many stadwatch patrol the streets. Anika and Pim dress up as stadwatch guards to stop Cornelis Smeet's messengers and stamp the backs of their envelopes to entice Karl Dryden.[11] An armed stadwatch troop escorts Matthias Helvar, Kaz, and Kuwei into the church.[12] Anika and Keeg pretend to be Dime Lions deputized by the stadwatch to trick Van Eck.[13][14]

When the fake plague comes over Ketterdam, the stadwatch officers assemble at separate stations around the city and are given triple pay.[15]

A stadwatch officer lets Jesper out through the chapel after he pleads feeling ill. However, Jesper knocks the guard unconscious and rolls the body behind the altar.[16] Believing that Kuwei is dead, two stadwatch place Kuwei on a stretcher and onto a fishing boat.[17] A stadwatch officer handcuffs Van Eck after he is shown to have wasted the Merchant Council's money.[18]

Known members[]


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