The Grishaverse

Tatiana Lantsov is a former Queen of Ravka. She is the mother of Vasily with her husband, Alexander III, and Nikolai in her affair with Fjerdan shipping magnate and at the time emissary to Ravka, Magnus Opjer. After her husband's abdication from the throne, they were both exiled to the Southern Colonies where they currently reside.



Princess Tatiana was married off to Alexander III in a flimsy alliance between Fjerda and Ravka. After their marriage, she gave birth the Vasily, the crown prince of Ravka. In an unknown passage of time, she and Magnus Opjer, emissary to Ravka, conceived Nikolai who is their only son together. After Magnus left the Grand Palace to protect his newborn son and lover, Tatiana sent love letters to him. The contents are unknown but they are described as 'racy' by Prince Rasmus. She kept a miniature of him with her as she continued her life as Queen of Ravka.

At some point after Nikolai's birth, she is gifted a five-year-old Genya to be her tailor and Tatiana took her into her court practically as a daughter. She taught her court life, manners, gave her sparkling dresses, and even lets her pick the name of her new dog. Once the King began sexually abusing Genya, Tatiana put heavy distance between her and her Tailor. All this results in the crème colored kefta Genya wears, indicating a servant's uniform.

Her family life in Ravka was unclear other than her many headaches from her sons or the many heirlooms Nikolai broke as a child.

Shadow and Bone[]

Queen Tatiana is holding court in her sitting room when she asks to see the new sun summoner. She holds a brief conversation asking about her parentage and then warning Alina about the corrupt court life before commanding her to leave.

On the evening of the winter fete, Tatiana feigns a headache to make her ladies at court fuss over her until at the last minute she wants to attend the ball. When the king falls ill after the fete, she is found huddled in a corner with her dog. Genya leaves the position of the Queen's servant and never tailors Tatiana again.

Siege and Storm[]

When Nikolai arrives home in the Throne Room, she runs down the throne steps to hug him in tears. The King, Vasily, Nikolai, and her all move to a private room to catch up. After about an hour passes, she takes her place beside her frail husband, Nikolai's hand on hers on her shoulder. She holds many teas and salons with Alina and Nikolai. For Nikolai's birthday, despite his insistence, she and her husband hold a thirteen-course birthday dinner for him. The dinner moves smoothly until Vasily's speech in which his arm gets torn off by a nichevo'ya. His dead body lying on the ground, she tries to run to him and slips slightly in the blood. Nikolai stops her with a hug. Tatiana supports the King as Nikolai leads them out of the Grand Palace to the Kingfisher waiting in the Little Palace lakeside.

Ruin and Rising[]

The King and Queen are hidden safely in the Spinning Wheel where they mourn for the loss of Vasily and away from the Civil War. During Genya's trial, she is shown to be an accomplice of the King's rapes but unaware that it had been Genya who poisoned him. The King is forced to abdicate and she is sent with her husband to the Southern Colonies in exile.

Rule of Wolves[]

Queen Tatiana and her husband are ordered out of exile by the Fjerdan government after Jarl Brum's prisoner, Magnus Opjer, escapes. She is present at the peace talks between Ravka and Fjerda and is intended to give testimony against her bastard son. She is present beside Vadik Demidov and her husband. When Jarl Brum begins to ask for her testimony, Nikolai cuts that route out and just admits he is not of royal blood.

Physical description[]

Alina describes the Queen as beautiful, with glossy blonde hair in a perfect coiffure. Her cheekbones are said to be lovely and delicate, and her irises a shade of dark blue. Alina adds that there is something off about her features, they are too perfect and almost fake. This oddness is due to the excessive tailoring Genya Safin demanded to perform by the Queen.

The Queen's natural appearance is quite plain compared to her tailored self. Alina describes her as looking like she has aged twenty years in the span of a few months. Her skin lost its creamy firmness and deep furrows were beginning to form around her nose and mouth. Her irises and hair had faded to her natural but less striking color.

When the occasion arises, the Queen is decked out in lush gowns and many jewels, especially diamonds. She is always seen wearing the Lantsov Emerald, surrounded by sapphire bands up until she gives it to her son.

When in hiding in the Spinning Wheel, she wore a wool sarafan over a simple peasant blouse. Her blonde hair, very dull and straw-like, was shoved into a messy bun.

When she appears in Os Kervo to testify at the peace talks, she is frail and tired, and her blue eyes faded.


  • In Leigh Bardugo's February newsletter she writes about the Queen's favorite dessert: "salted peaches cooked in honey and heaped with saffron cream--the queen's favorite, that on this night she left untouched."
  • She was born in the Fjerdan royal family, but her exact relation with the current Grimjer King is unknown.