The Grishaverse

Technology featured in the Grishaverse resembles technology invented during the Industrial Revolution and the early 20th century. During the events of the books, many machines were invented, allowing an Industrial Revolution. Fjerda is the most technologically advanced country during the series. Ravka rapidly industrializes under Nikolai. According to the Darkling, these new inventions are a threat to the age of the Grisha.

List of technology[]

  • Guns - The primary form of weapons used in battle to replace swords and muskets. Fjerda was mentioned to have developed the Gatling gun in the first novel. Novyi Zem is known for its gunsmiths.
  • Airships - A major mode of transportation. First developed by Nikolai using Squallers, later developed by the other nations without the need for Squallers.
  • Planes - Planes were developed sometime during King of Scars or Rule of Wolves. Fjerda has planes that can drop bombs on cities.
  • Submarines - Nikolai developed submarines during the events of King of Scars and sells them to the Kerch but develops radars that allow ships to locate them.
  • Tanks - Fjerda developed tanks for their war effort. Ravka copied these tanks, but they are not as effective as Fjerda's.
  • Cars - It is mentioned in Rule of Wolves that Fjerda has cars.
  • Trains - Trains are exclusive to the TV series. The Conductor built a train in secret to pass the Fold.
  • Missiles - David invents missiles in Rule of Wolves, though titanium is the best metal for their construction.
  • Elevators - Nikolai's labs have elevators, but it is revealed Fjerda has faster and more effective elevators.