The Apparat is a priest for the Ravkan King.


Befriending Alina

The Apparat approaches Alina in the library and tells her that it is important that they are friends. He notices her looking into the lore of Morozova's Stag and informs her of the "Bonesmith," one of the first Grisha in recorded history. He knew Grisha would always be persecuted, so he sought to magnify their power. He made mythical animals from his own bones brimming with powers. They learned that killing one of these beasts and then melding a piece onto a Grisha's body would amplify their abilities. With the right binding, the increase in power was astonishing. Only the Grisha who takes the creature's life can take its power. The Apparat then gifts her a book titled The Lives of the Saints before escorting her to Baghra.[1]

Warning Alina

After Alina's demonstration at the Winter Fete, the Apparat congratulates her on a successful performance and warns her that she will become quite dangerous, more so than she ever realized, explaining that she has a much larger role to play. The people are erecting altars to Sankta Alina because she has given them faith.[2]


The Apparat is described by Genya as "creepy," and he often speaks in riddles with a hushed tone.

Physical Appearance

The Apparat is an older man with short black hair and brown eyes.


Season 1


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