The Grishaverse

The Dregs are a gang of thieves that operate in Ketterdam. It was led by Per Haskell until Kaz Brekker, one of Haskell's lieutenants, staged a coup.

Members bear the gang's crow-and-cup tattoo on their forearm.


For many years, Per Haskell led the Dregs. It was considered "a laughingstock, street kids and washed-up cadgers running shell games and penny-poor cons out of a run-down house in the worst part of the Barrel."[1] Kaz joined the gang and made it competitive, granting the Dregs a true territory in the Barrel, fixing up the Slat, constructing the Crow Club, and building up Fifth Harbor. Some of the Dregs, particularly the younger members recruited by Kaz, considered Kaz the one who actually ran the gang, since he led many of their important operations.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Per Haskell sided the Dregs with Pekka Rollins and the Dime Lions against Kaz after Jan Van Eck claimed Kaz had kidnapped his son, Wylan Van Eck. After winning a brutal fight against many members of the Dregs, Kaz seized control of the gang and ousted Haskell. Under Kaz's leadership, the Dregs' holdings grew considerably, expanding even to the Lid.


The Dregs run multiple operations, including the Crow Club. They control Fifth Harbor and all ships that come in, as well as their goods. Members sleep and live in the Slat. There are multiple lieutenants within the Dregs; the most prominent was Kaz Brekker until he took over the gang entirely.

Known members[]

Raske and Wylan Van Eck both do demolitions work for the Dregs, but they are not official members of the gang.


  • Inej Ghafa is the only known member to not bear the gang’s tattoo. She did not want to be marked again after her enslavement at the Menagerie.
  • They are called the "Dregs" because they were at the bottom of the Barrel.[2]
  • Leigh Bardugo has said the Dregs' philosophy for meal time is "eat or be eaten."[3]