The Dregs is a gang that operates in Ketterdam. It was run by Per Haskell until Kaz Brekker, one of his lieutenants, staged a coup.

Members bear the gang's crow-and-cup tattoo on the forearm.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Dregs run multiple operations, including the Crow Club. It controls Fifth Harbor and all ships that come in, as well as their goods. There are multiple lieutenants within the Dregs, the most prominent of which is Kaz Brekker. For many years, the leader of the gang was Per Haskell; however, many of the Dregs thought of Kaz as the one who actually ran the Dregs, since he led many of their important operations. During the Jan Van Eck affair, Kaz seized power from Per Haskell.

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