The Heart is an Arrow is the sixth episode Netflix's Shadow & Bone adaptation.[1]


Furious over the Sun Summoner, Kirigan hunts for information. Alina receives a helping hand when she needs it most. Nina warms to a Grisha hunter.

Plot Summary

Inside the Little Palace, Kirigan learns from the Conductor, who was captured, that an East Ravkan general wants the Sun Summoner dead. The Conductor was going to kill her rather than take her across the Fold. Now that Alina’s with the Dregs, their theory is that she’s going to be taken across, and Kirigan wants to stop that from happening.

Alina escapes from the Dregs, but she accidentally reveals herself when she uses her powers to fend off a few soldiers. She flees into the woods and Mal is there waiting for her. He takes her to safety, where they argue — about who didn’t respond to whose letters, whether she knew she was Grisha, whether she lied to him. They talk things through, and Mal tells her he’s been trying to get back to her the whole time. They hug. “Thank you for finding me,” Alina says. “Always,” Mal responds. They make a camp together, and Alina uses her powers to keep them warm.

The next day, she treats his wounded shoulder and they make plans to find the stag together. Alina thinks that if she can use it as an Amplifier, she can grow strong enough to destroy the Fold. They head for Fjerda, toward where Mal last saw the stag.

After Alina escapes, Kaz and Inej argue. She escaped because Inej let her go, believing in the strength of her power and her potential to save her people. Kaz, on the other hand, is convinced her powers were an illusion, and he’s furious with Inej for letting Alina slip away. “Either we get the target,” he says, “or Heleen gets the Crow Club, and Pekka gets whatever’s left!” Inej is shocked because she didn’t know about his deal with Heleen.

The trio debate leaving empty-handed, since they’ve lost Alina’s trail and they know Kirigan will soon track them down. He does track them down successfully to their dismay. They flee a tavern and split up, eventually taking down the Grisha attackers, even though Inej gets injured. Kaz eventually comes face-to-face with Kirigan, who demands to know what he did with the Sun Summoner. Kaz tells him the truth: Alina fled on her own. “It was pretty clear she wasn’t interested in being a captive any longer,” he says. Kirigan tries to kill Kaz, but he escapes in a flash of bright light. The Crows then steal Kirigan’s carriage to escape.

In the aftermath of the storm, Nina and Matthias work together to stay alive. They reach land together, build a shelter together and bond. Eventually, as they trek through the snow together, he admits it. “I do like you,” he says. Then he tries to justify how he feels: “How do I know you’re not messing with my insides and making me like you?” But they just end up laughing together again, and when Nina unexpectedly almost falls through the ice, Matthias saves her life.


Main Cast


  • The book that David was reading and later throws at Jesper is the Ravkan Edition of Shadow and Bone.


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